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Mobile Phone Subscribers Top 383 mln
2005-11-23 10:16:21      Xinhua
Mobile phone subscribers in China reached a record 383 million at the end of October.

There is an increase of 48.2 million over the end of last year. On the average, China has 4.82 million new mobile phone subscribers a month in the first ten months this year, said the ministry in a press release. At the end of October, there were 29.1 mobile phones for every 100 Chinese.

Along with the increase of mobile phone subscribers, the business of short messages also witnessed a sharp rise of 40.1 percent year-on-year, to more than 246.6 billion messages in the first ten months, said the ministry.

Though facing heated competition brought by mobile communications, the number of fixed-line subscribers rose 36.8 million over the end of last year to a total of 348 million by theend of October. By then, there were 26.6 fixed-line subscribers for every one hundred Chinese, the ministry said.

Statistics from the ministry show the total number of telephoneusers in China, including both mobile phone users and fixed-line users, reached 731 million by the end of October. China's mobile phone users outnumbered fixed-line phone subscribers in October 2003.

The ministry also said in the first ten months this year China's total revenue of post and telecommunications reached 528.44 billion yuan (65.4 billion US dollars), up 11.2 percent over the same period last year.

China imported its first mobile phone telecom facilities in 1987, and it took a decade for its number of subscribers to jump to 10 million. Four years later, the number of the country's mobile phone subscribers ranked first in the world.

(Photo source :AFP)

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