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• China Marks Successful Manned Space Mission
• Shenzhou-6 Re-entry Module Handed over to Developer
• International Community Hails the Successful Landing of "Shenzhou-6"
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• Space Hero's Parents Decline Expensive Gifts
• China Spends 110 Million US dollars on Shenzhou-6
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• Landing Sstem Pepared Well for Shenzhou-6's Rturning
• Best Timing to Be Set for Return of China's 2nd Manned Spacecraft
• Shenzhou-6 Unlikely Threatened by Space Debris: Expert
• Shenzhou-6 Taikonauts Carry out Lab Work in Space
• Landing System Prepared Well for Shenzhou-6's Returning
• Four Monitoring Ships for Shenzhou-6 Encounter Bad Sea Conditions
• Chinese Astronauts Conduct Experiments in Space
• World Acclaims Launch
• HK People Feel Proud of Launch of Shenzhou-6
• Japan Hails Launch of Manned Shenzhou-6
• Singapore Congratulates China on Launch of Shenzhou

Nie Haisheng

Fei Junlong

Shenzhou 6 is the second manned flight of China. It has been launched in October 2005, carrying two astronauts for five to six days in orbit.

• Shenzhou-6 launched!  by knownothing
People have dreamed to fly like a bird in the sky, now the spacecraft has been launched, what a big lead, but what does that mean to China?
• Successful Launch  by bestever
Congratulations! China's second manned space mission a success!

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