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Tibetan Farmers Jubilate for Harvest
2005-08-24 16:08:26



(Locals in yak race of Ongkor festival, photo taken on August 19, Xinhua.)

(Local women welcomed the guests with high land barley wine and chemar (a box containing zanba), photo taken on August 19, Xinhua.)

(A little stall in the festival, photo taken on August 19, Xinhua.)


Ongkor festival in Tibetan is to wish for a bumper harvest. The date of Ongkor festival is not a fixed one, but it is decided according to the time when the Qingke (a kind of highland barley) ripens in each village. The Ongkor festival, which lasts three days and celebrates a few days before the harvest, we will see all the villagers, men and women, young and old, put on their best holiday clothes. After the Ongkor Festival, locals will start their intense autumn harvest.

Now the Ongkor festival is enriched than ever before, besides the traditional folk performance and sports like horse race and archery, trade fair has been a new part in the festival which promotes the local economic exchange.

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