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Battle of Tai'erzhuang
2005-07-30 10:49:51
The Battle of Tai'erzhuang was a battle of the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1938, between armies of Chinese Kuomintang and Japan.

Taierzhuang is located on the eastern bank of the Grand Canal of China and was a frontier garrison northeast of Xuzhou. Xuzhou itself was the joint of Jinpu Railway (Tianjin-Pudong) and Longhai Railway (Lanzhou-Lianyungang) and the headquarters of the KMT's 5th War Zone.

The battle involved a Japanese plan to conquer Xuzhou, a major city in the East.

However, the Japanese failed to consider the plans of Li Tsung-jen who planned to encircle the Japanese in the town of Tai'erzhuang.

The Japanese overconfidently attacked frontally and failed to consider the Chinese numbers. A major encirclement preceded a major Japanese retreat, which the Chinese unfortunately failed to capitalize by pursuing.

Nevertheless, the Chinese scored a major victory, the first of the Kuomintang in the war. The battle broke the infallibility of the Japanese and resulted in an incalculable benefit to the Chinese morale.


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