West-East Gas Pipeline Project

Many years of exploration have revealed four national-scale gas fields in Xingjiang, Qinghai, Sichuan-Chongqing, and Erdos. The natural gas will be transported from these areas through the pipeline to the Yangtze River Delta region in east China. China's mid-west region has six gas basins including Xingjiang's Tarim, Dzungaria, Tuha, Qinghai's Qaidam, Sichuan, and Inner Mongolia's Erdos basins with an estimated gas resource of 22,400 billion cubic meters. It accounts for 58.9% of the total gas reserves in China, which is 38,000 billion cubic meters. According to the current gas storage and field study, China has decided to launch the West-East Gas Pipeline Project.

Apart from the completed Shaanxi-Beijing gas pipeline, three more lines will be built, which are Tarim-Shanghai, Sebei(Qinghai)-Xinin-Lanzhou (Gansu), Zhongxian (Chongqing)-Wuhan(Hubei) pipelines. The project aims to turn the natural resource into the economic advantage to satisfy the urgent need for natural gas in China's eastern region. From a bigger picture, the ongoing project of building the pipelines to transport gas from Russia's Siberia will be linked with the major parts of the West-East Gas Pipeline Project. The two pipeline projects are also components of the whole West-East Gas Pipeline Project.

In narrow terms, the West-East Gas Pipeline Project refers to the gas transportation project of Xinjiang's Tarim-Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta. The pipe is 4,200 kilometres long with a diameter of 1118 millimetres at the pipe of the mouth. It will extend from Xinjiang to Gansu, Ninxia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, and Shanghai provinces with an annual gas capacity of 12 billion cubic meters. Besides, the fixed assets investment has also reached RMB38.4 billion ($4.69 billion). With other related projects for a city pipeline network and industrial application, the total project investment is RMB120 billion ($14.6 billion).

By now, the West-East Gas Pipeline Project has completed 48% of its total investment. The eastern route has been completed and starts to supply gas to eastern China.