Imports and Exports

As the Chinese economy steadily grows, its foreign trade is also booming. In 1978, China ranked 32nd on the world trade performance chart. It climbed to 15th in 1989 and further jumped from 10th in 1997 to 6th in 2001. In 2001, China's imports and exports volume was over $500 billion for the first time. The figure is 24.7, 4.6, and 1.57 times over that of 1978, 1989, and 1997 respectively. In 2002, China's imports and exports continue to rise, topping $620.77 billion. In 2003, China's imports and exports volume was $851.2 billion, a 37.1% increase over 2002. In that year, the exports volume was $438.4 billion, an increase of 34.6%; the imports, $412.8 billion, a 39.9% growth. Now China is listed fourth on the world trade chart.

At present, China has established business links with over 220 countries and regions around the world. Its top ten trade partners are Japan, America, EU, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, ASEAN, South Korea, Chinese Taiwan province, Australia, Russia, and Canada.