China's Mineral Resource

The Chinese mineral resources are abundant. They account for 12% of the world's total ĘC that ranks third in the world. But there is less per capita occupancy volume. It is only 58% of per capita occupancy volume in the world, or 53rd internationally. Up until now, 171 kinds of mineral products have been discovered - 158 of which have been verified. (10 energy mineral products, 5 ferrous metal, 41 nonferrous metals, 8 valuable metal mineral products, 91 nonmetallic minerals, and 3 other aqueous vapors)


China has already become one of the few countries in the world with an abundant amount of ore. According to the verified reserves, there are 25 mineral products in China out of 45 in the world. They include tombarthite, gypsum, vanadium, titanium, tantalum, tungsten, alta-mud, graphite, Glauber's salt, bolognian stone, magnesite and antimony.


The Chinese mineral resource distribution is as follows: Petroleum and natural gas is distributed mainly in the northeast, north China and the northwest. Coal is distributed primarily in north China and the northwest. Iron is distributed mainly in the northeast, north China and southwest. Copper is distributed in the southwest, the northwest and eastern China. Plumbous zinc ore is found all over the country. Tungsten, tin, molybdenum, antimony and tombarthite ore are distributed mainly in south China and north China. Gold silver ore is distributed across the whole country. Phosphorus ore is in south China.


The main mineral resources include:

Coal: Chinese coal reserves are the biggest in the world and are distributed in north China, and the northwest mainly. The most abundant reserves areas are Shanxi, and Inner Mongolia.


Oil gas resources: They are found mainly in the northwest, the northeast, north China and the continental shelf of the coastal shallow seas of the southeast. At the end of 1998, China had already discovered 509 oil fields and 163 gas fields, totaling 19.85 billion tons of verified petroleum reserves and 1.95 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. That ranks 9th and 20th in the world respectively. The six biggest developed oil and gas fields are: Songliao, Bohai Sea Gulf, Tarim Basin, Zhungeer-Turfan , Sichuan, and Shan-Gan-Ning.


Metal mineral products: Ferrous metals: Verified reserves include iron, manganese, vanadium and titanium. Iron reserves account for nearly 50 billion tons and are found in such provinces as Liaoning, Hebei, Shanxi and Sichuan. Nonferrous metals: China has every verified nonferrous metal ore that has been discovered in the world. Tombarthite accounts for about 80% of world reserves. Reserves of antimony ore account for 40% of world supply and the reserves of tungsten ore are 4 times higher than the total reserves of other countries in the world.