Status Quo of Religion in China

China is a multi-religious country and Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity are the major religions here.

Statistics show that at present there are more than one hundred million believers of varied religions, over 85 thousand religious sites, some three hundred thousand religious personnel, over three thousand religious groups and 74 religious colleges in China.

The national religious organizations in China include the Buddhist Association of China, the Taoist Association of China, the Islamic Association of China, the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, the Chinese Catholic Bishops College, the Chinese National Christian "Three-Self" Patriotic Movement Committee and the Christian Council of China. All religious groups elect their leaders and form the leadership under their own regulations; they are also entitled to deal with its own religious affairs without others' interference and establish religious schools, distribute copies of classic religious scriptures, issue religious publications and participate in public welfare according to the actual situations.