Chinese Religious Community's Communication with Foreign Countries

Buddhism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity are all introduced to China from foreign countries and all these religions are international ones and therefore very influential in the world. In addition, these religions boast a great many believers in many countries across the world and some of them are regarded as national religions in some countries.

Chinese religious community's communication with foreign countries has been developing since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949 and various religious groups in China have been contacting with their foreign counterparts in a comprehensive manner. For instance, Chinese Buddhist circle often conducts non-governmental religious exchanges in various ways with Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Over the past a few years, the relics of Buddhist teeth in China have been welcomed and worshiped by believers in Thailand, Myanmar and Sri Lanka and Thai Buddhist community has established regular Buddhist exchange mechanism with Tibetan religious circle in China.

In addition, the major religious groups in China are often invited to visit countries in Western Europe and Northern America to get more knowledge about local religious situation and enhance local people¡¯s understanding about religions in China.