University Entrance Examination

University entrance examinations are based on a syllabus from the Chinese Ministry of Education and are set by national or provincial education departments. The examination starts on June 7th every year and lasts for two to three days.

The content of the examination is called " three plus X". The "three" stands for three subjects - Chinese, mathematics and a foreign language. "X" stands for various optional subjects.

In some provinces the "X" indicates a general test in arts or science. If a student registers as an arts major, he or she should take the general "X" examination on arts. Students wanting to study science or engineering should take a general "X" test on science.

In other regions, the "X" also stands for an examination on some specific subject like physics, chemistry, biology or history. This is subject to change due to the different majors students want to take and the changing requirements from the universities. As the number of university admissions increases, pressures on students and their families will be alleviated.