Graduate Examination

There are two levels of graduate entrance examinations: masters and doctorate.

The entrance examination for a master degree consists of a written test and an oral test. The Ministry of Education sets the written tests for the common subject tests and also sets the lowest scores for admission. Examinees for the arts major have to take tests on subjects like philosophy and foreign languages, while examinees for the science and engineering major have to take tests on subjects like mathematics. The tests are set by colleges and research institutions and include subjects, content and scores for matriculation. Examinees take the oral test if their scores meet the admission criteria. Matriculation is based on the combined scores of the written oral tests.

Entrance examinations for doctoral degrees are conducted independently by colleges and research institutions. If examinees have master degrees and are registered for their current majors, they can only take tests on foreign languages and two or three other subject tests. If they want to switch majors or if they do not have a master degree, but some other record of education equal to that degree, they have to take five or six written and oral tests.

Because of increased competition in the job market, demand for master degree admissions is increasing. As the reform of China's education system continues, colleges and research institutions will have more freedom in administering their entrance examinations.