Junior Secondary Education

In China, the Junior Secondary Education program is also compulsory. There is no tuition fee and students only need to pay for teaching materials and other minor expenses. The total cost is only a few hundred RMB for a year.

The general length of Junior Secondary Education is 3 years. Besides Chinese, the main courses also include mathematics, foreign languages, physics, chemistry, social morality, and IT. Currently, 60,000,000 students attend classes at more than 60,000 junior secondary schools in China. The enrollment rate is 90%. Most secondary schools in China are public schools.

Because the Junior Secondary Education is compulsory, students are not required to take an entrance test while in primary school. The central school system is now being encouraged in rural areas. It brings together students from low-density areas and lets them learn in central boarding schools, which have excellent conditions. In an effort to share educational resources with regions throughout the country, China is working to computerize the educational system in order to further develop remote-education.