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Salty spring-fed lakes stud this corner of the Gobi like colored jewels. Nuoertu, it is the biggest pearl in the sand sea.
Badain Jaran Desert
The Badain Jaran desert is the fourth largest desert in the world roughly 150 kilometers north of the Hexi corridor and covering an area of over 49,000 square kilometers.
Bactrian Camel
Looking for human traces on the desert's surface, the Bactrian camel, a two-humped domesticated camel, is the main transportation in the Badain Jaran.
Researchers claim that the Badain Jaran Desert in North China was once habitable. Archaeologists draw this conclusion from the large amount of finds and rock paintings excavated in this region. The cause for the extinction of the Badain Jaran culture is definitely related to the deterioration of the ecological environment.
Desertification Prevention in Alashan Area Story of Desert Drivers
[Photo] Badain Jaran Desert [Shopping] Inner Mongolia
About Inner Mongolia
Oat flour food is made from ground oat flour. Instant boiled mutton is also called dip-boil mutton. Kumiss is alcohol with strong Mongolian characteristics.
The most common and grand sacrificial activity of the Mongolians is the sacrificing of Aobao. Camels, dubbed "ships of the desert". Domesticated camels are often used for racing. "Nadamu" means entertainment and game, it is a traditional mass meeting and also an annual gala of the Mongolian.
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