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Lushan Mountain National Park
This picturesque mountain is famous for its grandeur, elegance and perilous nature.
Wuyuan: "the Most Beautiful Countryside in China"
Wuyuan, known as the "most beautiful countryside in China," is home to at least 50 old villages.
Nanchang, a Revolutionary City
Although mostly a large Chinese metropolis, Nanchang has a few charms in its night markets, back alleys and gro-tesquely appealing Soviet architecture.
The Porcelain Capital of China
Known as the "Procelain Capital", for centuries, the city has been considered to be China's most important center for porcelain production.
In late autumn and early winter every year, thousands and thousands of birds migrate over here and in spring of next year, they gradually migrate away. So far, there are more than 300 kinds and a million plumes of birds, among which 50 kinds are rare birds, in the conservation area. Poyang Lake becomes one of the biggest bird conservation areas in the world.
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Travel Tips
The city of Nanchang is a transportation hub and agricultural center. Nanchang is the transportation center of Jiangxi and has convenient transportation with most other major cities. The best deal hotel is the Xiangshan Hotel. And the Nanchang Hotel is near to the railway station.
Nanchang enjoys a warm climate and abounds in rainfall. But in summer, the weather is hot and humid. Fresh river food and dumplings are the most popular of the simple and cheap local food. The cities main specialty is porcelain, that comes from the nearby area of Jingdezhen.
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