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Pool and Cudrania Temple
For Centuries, there has been a saying: "First there was the Pool and Cudrania Temple, then came Beijing."
Hongluo Temple
The temple is worth a visit in early summer because of the wild flowers, fresh air and religious culture.
Yonghegong Lamasery
Yonghegong Lamasery, or Lama Temple, is a famous lamasery located in the northeastern part of the old Beijing city.
White Dagoba Temple
The temple was completed in under the supervision of a Nepalese architect and it was considered an aesthetic masterpiece.
Fayuan Temple, the oldest temple in Beijing, bears witness to the wars in Beijing's history. In 645, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty (618-907), fought a war of conquest against minority peoples in Northeast China. The Tang army failed to subdue its enemy and winter compelled the emperor to order a retreat of his cold and hungry army to Beijing. Many soldiers died on the way. Then the emperor ordered the construction of the temple to commemorate his dead soldiers.
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Reclining Buddha Temple

Divine Light Temple

Great Charity Temple

Ordination Terrace Temple
Buddhist Temples in Beijing
Eternal Peace Temple
The white dagoba in the temple is a landmark of the Beihai Park, or even of the city of Beijing.
Yunju Temple
The temple is known for its rich storage of scripture stone carvings.
Heavenly Peace Temple
The pagoda in this temple is one of the earliest tall buildings in the ancient capital.
Azure Clouds Temple
Its landmark the Diamond Throne Pagoda can be seen towering amidst green trees from a far distance.
Five Pagoda Temple
The Five Pagoda Temple is an Indian-style temple, a copy of the Gaya Temple in India.
Big Bell Temple
The famous bell hangs in the Bell Tower at the rear of the compound, known as the "Huayan Bell".
Other Buddhist Sites

Mt. Emei

Mt. Jiuhua

Mt. Putuo

Mt. Wutai