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2006-02-21 15:15:09

There is one Karst cave at the end of Bujiagou and three hot springs at 4200 meters above sea level: the upper is Nun Hot Spring, the middle is Lama Hot Spring and the lower Buru Hot Spring. Lots of old trees surround these hot springs, which together with the numerous caves and brooks compose a grand symphony.

The northwest Yangwogou is well-known for its strange stones and perilous peaks. At the bottom of the mountain, Baga Temple (or Baiyanshan Temple) has existed since its construction during the period of the 5th Dalai Lama. The natural cave is decorated with numerous paintings of Buddha.

There is a Karst fountain at the bottom of Baga Temple which spews consistently six times every day all round the year.

Travel Information 


Nyringchi (Nyingtri, Linzhi) is small but is actually the county capital city. Travelers should all have the necessary tourist permits, or you may be stopped here, fined and sent back to Lhasa.


Nyingchi Hotel (three stars)

Add: No. 25 Shuanyong Road, Bayi Xincun, Nyingchi, Tibet

Nyingchi hotel is the only 3-star-hotel in the Nyingchi area, which was built as one of the Tibet Autonomous Region's 62 development projects.

The hotel is located in the center of Bayi Town, which is the lowest place in Tibet at only 2900 meters above sea level. It is easily accessible and enjoys comfortable weather.

The hotel has 74 (138 beds) standard rooms, suites, business suites, and Tibetan-style suites. All the rooms are equipped with AC, cable TV, IDD and hot water.

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