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2006-02-21 15:15:09

Peach Blossom Valley

There is a wild peach forest about 5 kilometers southeast of the Nyingchi county. The local people call it "Peach Blossom Valley". Peach Blossom Valley is surrounded by mountains on three sides. The streams in the forest flow with water so clear one can see to the bottom. Countless ripe peaches hang on the trees and numerous species of birds sing in their branches. The Peach Blossom Valley is a wonderful natural paradise.

The wild peach forest is a part of the forest zone in Nyingchi, and locals have come to cherish the peach trees not only as an evergreen ornamental plant, but as delicious fruit and even medicine.

Every March and April the peach blossoms of Nyingchi bloom all over the mountains and plains, giving occasion to the annual "Peach Blossom Festival" which attracts numerous tourists from both China and abroad.

Huge Cypress Forest

The Huge Cypress Nature Reserve in Bayi Town, about 40 kilometers west of Nyingchi County, is a complete forest of huge cypress trees. Among these cypress trees, there is one which is 46 meters tall, 18 meters thick, about 2,000-2,500 years old and respected as sacred by the local people.

The giant cypress, also called the Yarlung Zangbo cypress, is a species peculiar to Tibet. This giant cypress forest records a natural history of several thousand years and is highly valuable in the studies of plants, climate, geographical and geological conditions, hydrology, air pollution and human activities during the past millennia.


With its upper reaches formed by Yangwogou, Jiaxingou and Bujiagou, Niangpugou lies 50 kilometers west of Gongbu Jiangda County and represents one branch of Nyang River.

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