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2006-02-21 15:15:09

Nyingchi, or "Throne of the Sun" in Tibetan, is located in southeast Tibet, where the Himalaya and Nyainqentanglha Mountains extend parallel from west to east like huge dragons, joining the Hengduan Mountains in the east. It is adjacent to Yunan and Qamdo to the east and northeast, Naqu to the north, Lhasa to the west and Shannan to the southwest. It is a northern neighbor to India and Myanmar, with a border 1,006.5 kilometers long.
Nyingchi, with a total area of 117,000 square km and a population of more than 140,000, has 7 counties under its jurisdiction: Nyingchi, Mainling, Gongbo'gyamda, Medog, Bome, Zaya and Nang. With its green mountain slopes, snow-capped peaks and crystal-clear rivers, Nyingchi has been compared to a heaven on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau.
The climate of Nyringchi is dramatically different from the rest of Tibet. The effects of the summer monsoon in Assam bring great amounts of rain from early June to September. Snowfall generally starts in October. The best times to travel are late March, April and early May, or from September to early November.

Nyingchi has snowy mountains, blue lakes, villages and ancient monasteries.

The area enjoys exceptional advantages in human and natural resources. The Nyingchi residents are striving to build the area into an international forest park at the world's "third pole," where people can travel, climb mountains and cliffs, explore, drift along rivers and conduct scientific investigations. The distinctive folklore, music, songs, dances and athletic competitions of this area also add color to the beautiful scenery. There are 8 scenic zones and 35 scenic spots in the Nyingchi area. Among them the Yarlung Zangbo Great Canyon with a spectacular U-turn might be the most famous.

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