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2006-02-21 14:34:38

See Fast Facts About Nagqu


The holy lakes, holy mountains and mysterious no-man's lands of western Nagqu combine to attract an endless flow of visitors and worshippers.


At 7,111 meters, Nyainqentanglha is the highest peak in Nagqu, boasting 31 peaks, each of which exceeds 5,000 meters and eleven which surpass 6,000 meters. Nyainaentanglha is believed by many religious followers to be a Buddhist guardian. lt is also the major deity in the grasslands to the north. Followers of the Bon religion and Buddhism hold it to be the place where various Buddhist masters had practiced.

See Map of Nagqu

At 4,718 meters and the foot of Nyainaentanglha is Nam-tso Lake, which covers 1,920 square km. Legend has it that Nam-tso is the daughter of the heavenly king and mother of Nyainqentanglha. For Buddhist followers this is a must-see. Buddhist followers usually worship Nam-tso Lake during the Tibetan Year of the Sheep, the Kangdese Mountain during the Tibetan Year of the Horse and the Zari Mountain in the Tibetan Year of the Monkey.

The North Tibet Plateau has an average elevation of over 4,000 meters, hence its nickname "Roof of the World". For the local herders, everything in the world has its own soul and story. Here the holy lakes and mountains and the mysterious stories behind them make the plateau irresistibly attractive.

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