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Erhai Lake
2006-02-20 16:37:43

It measures 40 kilometers north to south and 7 to 8 kilometers east to west on average. The vast blue lake is often to be seen dotted with numerous white sails. When the wind rises, waves break gently upon the shores, and at night, the silvery moon sparkles on its ripples.

The Mirror Pavilion

The Mirror Pavilion is at the southern end of Mount Yu'an on the east bank of Erhai Lake. It borders the ancient Luoquan Temple. The pavilion faces water on three sides and faces Jinsuo (Golden Shuttle) Island across the lake in the south. At the foot of the pavilion is the mirror-like water surface, reflecting the Cangshan Mountains, hence the name of the pavilion. The magnificent pavilion has been rebuilt, and is a famous scenic spot by Erhai Lake.

The Lesser Putuo

The Lesser Putuo is located on an islet in Erhai Lake. It was built during the Ming Dynasty, and rebuilt in 1982. Its pavilion structure has two stories. On the first story stands a statue of Tathagata and on the second a statue of Avalokitesvara. From the second story, there is a superb panorama: the Dali City proper and 10 of the peaks of the Cangshan Mountains to the west, Haiyin, Wase, Lianhuaping and Yu'an mountains to the east, the blue-walled and tiled houses of Jiangweiba in the shadow of trees to the north and the expansive Erhai Lake with sailing boats on it to the south. (Photo source:


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