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Cangshan Mountain
2006-02-20 16:31:25

Its 19 peaks extend 50 kilometers north to south, creating a formidable screen of columns in the landscape. The peaks, straight and magnificent, are overgrown with primeval forests, and 18 springs and streams filled with crystal-clear waters intertwine among them. Waterfalls and surging rivers emit thunderous roars. Malongfeng, the main peak, shoots up into the sky with its snow-peaked top dazzling the eye all the year round. "Clouds, Snow, Peaks and Streams" are four spectacular views of Cangshan Mountain.

Tourist Attractions in Cangshan Mountain

The Pingyunnan Stele of Emperor Yuanshizu

The Pingyunnan Stele of the Emperor Yuanshizu is in the center of March Street Square in the western part of the ancient City of Dayushi, at the foot of Zhonghe Peak in Cangshan Mountains. The stele was built in 1307, the 11th year of the reign of Yuan Dynasty Emperor Chengzhong. It is 4.44 meters high and 1.65 meters wide. It is made of two huge pieces of granite standing on the back of a stone turtle, hence its other name of Turtle Stele. It records how Yuan Emperor Khublai Khan pacified Yunnan and divided it into counties. Also it explains how Yunnan Province was established.

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