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2006-02-20 10:31:56

Travel in Xishuangbanna

Regular buses to most of the above-mentioned scenic spots depart from Jinghong. The Jinghong bus station is at North Jinghong Road (Jinghong Bei Lu). The phone numbers are: +86 691 2123171, +86 691 2123570, and +86 691 2124427.

Jinghong is a small city, and the best way to travel within the city is riding a bicycle. Tourists can rent a bike at many places near the hotels for a deposit of about 200 yuan.


Most travelers to Xishuangbanna base themselves in Jinhong[take out ‘ the regional capital’] and travel from there on day trips or stop off in simple guesthouses along the way.

Click to see a List of Hotels in the Xishuangbanna Area.


The food of the minority ethnic groups in Xishuangbanna carries distinctively wild tastes as it is processed in the most natural and simple ways. This cuisine cannot be found outside of Xishuangbanna, and it requires courage to try some of the dishes on the so-called "Rustic Menu".

The "Baiwang" dish is daunting because it seems like nothing more than a lump of solidified blood. When a pig is slaughtered, the blood is saved in a basin and stirred until it gets cold to prevent it from solidifying. In another container, salt, hot pepper, peanuts, ginger, garlic, coriander and sauce made of cooked pork and chicken meat are prepared. The blood is added, then water, and it is stirred smoothly until it solidifies naturally. It is served as a tasty appetizer, cool and spicy and melting in the mouth.

Beside the "Barbecued Pig's Eyes" on one menu were dishes such as "Barbecued Pig's Brain" and "Barbecued Ox Spinal Marrow". The local people certainly know how to make the best use of everything. The chef wrapped each eyeball in a banana leaf, adding hot pepper, ginger, garlic, coriander, and salt. He then put them on bamboo sticks and barbecued them on the fire. It is unusually juicy and delicious.

Grilling is the main cooking method in the Dai Cuisine, and various unexpected delicacies, such as the pupa, are served as food. It does take curiosity as well as courage to feast in Xishuangbanna.(Photo Source:;

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