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2006-02-19 16:36:22

Tomb of State Funeral

The tomb of State Funeral lies one kilometer southwest of the county. It is the largest and best-preserved cemetery of KMT martyrs from the anti-Japanese and Second World War. In 1944, one of the fiercest battles of the eight-year long war took place here with the Chinese Expedition Force's counter offensive to retake Tengchong from the hands of the Japanese. Over 3,000 Chinese soldiers gave their lives in the 44-day long strike.

Admission Fee: 10 yuan

Transportation: The tomb of State Funeral lies within the county; visitors can walk to the site.

General Travel Info

The nearest airport is in Baoshan, a two-hour bus ride from Tengchong. Visitors may take a flight from Kunming to Baoshan or take the 17-hour bus ride.

Beginning April 28, 2005, travelers in Guangdong may also take a direct flight from Guangzhou to Baoshan.

A taxi for a day that includes Yunfeng Mountain and the volcano park will cost around 250 yuan. Service to the hot springs will cost an additional 50 yuan. There are public buses to these sites, but they can become very time-consuming, as some walking or hitching will still be involved. Tour buses from the county to Rehai cost five yuan.

Tengchong Hotel is a good deal. Standard rooms are 268 yuan but can be bargained down to about 90 yuan during the low season.

More About Tengchong


Tengchong, tucked in a western corner of Yunnan Province, is 750 kilometers west of Kunming. Starting from Baoshan city and traveling along the China-India highway, built half a century ago, leads you to Tengchong Basin. Dozens of large and small volcanoes are interspersed with dense layers of trees.

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