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2006-02-19 16:36:22

Yunfeng Mountain 

Yunfeng Mountain is a Taoist mountain situated near the Myanmar border. Visitors have the option to reach the top either by hiking or taking a cable car. There are a number of small pagodas scattered around the mountain, but most people head for the main temple of Yunfeng Si located at the peak. At the mountain's summit, visitors are offered a panoramic view of the area.

Admission fee: 10 yuan, plus 54 yuan for the cable car

Beihai State-Protected Wetland

The Beihai swamp is a nationally protected wetland. The broad expanse of paddyfields, lakes, bamboo-made bridges and little boats sliding along the river create a quiet and peaceful scene.

The lake surfaces are covered by a one-meter-thick grass flourishing with many wild flowers, but don't be deceived by the flat grass; the water beneath is about seven meters deep. Try boating and fishing on the river instead as a good way to relax.

Admission Fee: 20 yuan

Transportation: The wetlands are 12 kilometers away from the county. A minibus costs five yuan per person. It is an approximately 20-minute long bus ride.

Heshun Township

Heshun Township is a well-known hometown for many overseas Chinese. The resulting hybrid culture makes it a great choice for visitors touring Tengchong.

Transportation: Heshun is only four kilometers away from Tengchong. Hiring a taxi costs 10 yuan.

Lodging: It is quite cheap to stay in Heshun; rooms cost about 10 to 20 yuan per night.

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