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2006-02-19 16:36:22

Taken together, these comprise the biggest natural living museum of dormant volcanoes in China.

Admission fee: 20 yuan

Activities: Visitors can take a hot-air balloon from the foot of the volcano. Cost: 100 yuan.

Transportation: Take bus route C (10 yuan) or hire a taxi (around 40 yuan).

A World of Heat

Visitors should not miss a trip to Rehai (Hot Sea).

The main attraction there is called Dagunguo (Big Boiling Bowl), a large spring that reaches a temperature of 97℃. Locals offer visitors eggs cooked in the spring's heat. Mineral-rich hot water is ejected intermittently into the nearby streams with a thunderous roar.

Among the numerous small[take out "er" springs and geysers, the park also has cool springs suitable for a swim, including Frog Mouth, Lion Head, Pearl Spring and Drum-beat Spring. The waterfall on the Zaotang River is also an attraction.

Overall, Tengchong has more than 80 hot springs with nearly every village having one of its own.

Admission fee: 20 yuan

Transportation: Take the county bus or a taxi. (both cost 5 yuan per person). A bicycle can be rented, but it is a difficult path, both winding and mountainous.
Lodging: Tengchong has several hotels, but it is better to reserve in advance during the busy season. Standard rooms are 268 yuan but can be bargained down to about 90 yuan during the low season.

Rehaimingzhuren Hotel: (Tel) 0875-5149888 Standard room: 220 yuan

Rehairen Hotel: (Tel) 0875-5150366 Standard room: 180 yuan (Spa included)

Laogunguo Inn: 100 yuan. (A cheaper option, slightly further away from the park)

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