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2006-02-19 16:36:22

Sightseeing in Tengchong

Tengchong has a stunning volcanic landscape that includes natural volcanoes, hot springs, and volcanic lakes.

Volcanic Landscape

Tengchong County is a quiet place, but in the last 500 years the area has registered over 70 earthquakes measuring at least five on the Richter scale. As an active geothermal area, Tengchong is second only to Yangbajing in Tibet.

The county itself lies on the lava lands of Leifeng Mountain. More than 80 steam springs, hot springs and heat springs have been found in Tengchong. The geothermal heat creates different landscapes: carbonic acid and sulfur springs that boast luxuriant vegetation; sulfuric acid springs where no grass will grow; even poisonous carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide-rich springs.

A casual stroll around the small volcanoes, followed by a dip in a hot spring will give you a good taste for the area.

Volcano Park

In Tengchong there is a saying: "Nine out of ten mountains have no head." With 97 volcanoes in the area, this is no exaggeration.

In the volcano park, there are eight well-preserved volcanoes from the Cenozoic era. The foremost is Daying (Beat Hawk) Mountain, which sits in the middle part of the county and has erupted many times. At 2,614 meters, it is the tallest conical volcano in the area. Over 70 smaller volcanoes of different sizes surround Beat Hawk Mountain.

About 10 kilometers to the north stands Dakong (Senior Empty) Mountain, Xiaokong (Junior Empty) Mountain and Heikong (Black Empty) Mountain. As its name implies, Dakong Mountain has been dormant for several centuries and possesses a hollow center, but the rim offer magnificent views of the surrounding landscape.

The environment in Tengchong includes many different types of volcanoes as well as volcanic lakes, crater lakes and lava cascades.

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