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[Wuxi] Food
2006-01-15 10:00:38

Wuxi Cuisine is among the top 14 cuisine styles in China. Its flavor is light and sweet, focusing on seasonal ingredients. Seafood such as shrimp, crab, eel, fish and other lake products is an important ingredient and is generally cooked simply to enhance the natural taste and to retain the original flavor. Besides seafood, all kinds of vegetables are fresh and frequently used. Now the three aspects of Wuxi Cuisine - Wuxi dishes, boat dishes and Capital dishes are flourishing. Among its famous dishes are Wuxi Spareribs, Liangxi Crisp Eel, stewed bean curd with shrimp and ginger sauce, walnut chicken balls, fried glutinous rice with shrimps, braised pork in fermented bean-curd sauce and five-spiced chicken leg. Wuxi small steamed bun, Almond Dumpling and Wonton are well-known refreshments.

Wuxi Sweet and Salty Spare Ribs

Wuxi Spare Ribs is the most popular local dish and is the specialty to look out for people come to Wuxi. It features the common eastern technique of "Red cooking" in a stock of rice wine and soy sauce and spiced with ginger, anise, cloves and black peppercorns and has unique red-sweet sauce on the top in order to give rich taste.

Bean Curd in Casserole

This is a home-style dish but cooked with special cooking utensil-Casserole. Put bean curd and other vegetables into the Casserole together with chicken soup and sesame oil, then bring to the boil, simmer. When it's done, the bean curd is white and soft, the dish taste fresh and has rich nutrition.









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