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Inside Fancy China 2005

Red Tour Around China
The year 2005 has been designated as "the Year of Red Tourism".
Hong Kong Disneyland
The first Disneyland theme park in China opened in Hong Kong on Sept. 12, 2005.
Tibet, the "Ridge of the World"
It requires will, courage and energy to start on a tour in Tibet.
Xinjiang, the Wild West
"You won't know how beautiful China is without going to Xinjiang..."
Autumn Hues Throughout China
8 places in China where you can enjoy the best sceneries of Autumn.
China's Snow Mountains
China has many snow-capped mountains to which daredevil mountaineers are flocking.
Shandong, the Immortals' Abode
Coastal cities, sacred mounts and numerous historical spots...
Shanghai, "Oriental Pearl"
Shanghai has been a cosmopolis in the early 20th century, and is now the most prosperous city in China.
Xi'an, the Eternal City
The oriental culture center along the Ancient Silk Road, Xi'an is where you explore the history.
Sanya, Honeymooners' Paradise
Sun, beach, coconut trees, luxury hotels, and non-existence of time.