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Most Beautiful City Zones: Top 5
2005-12-02 10:10:47

 Top 1          City: Xiamen        Area: Gulangyu Islet
The wonderful little island of Gulangyu boasts delicate natural beauty, historic relics and colonial architecture. The island, with its famed Piano Museum, is regarded as China's most tastefully decorated site.
[Read more about Gulangyu Islet]

Top 2             City: Suzhou                  Area: the Old Town Area
World famous gardens and an old city surrounded by a moat provide a glimpse of the very peaceful, cultured old world of China. [Read more about Suzhou-the city of gardens]

Top 3      City: Macao        Area: Historic Center
The historic center of Macao embraces twelve priceless cultural heritage sites, including China's oldest church, a Christian cemetery, a lighthouse and western theater. All these have contributed to Macao's status as "the Beachhead of the Western World." [Read more about Maocao]

Top 4           City: Qingdao            Area: Badaguan Area
The Bavarian Badaguan area, built by Germans who invaded China at the end of the 19th century, is perhaps Qingdao's proudest attraction today. [Read more about Badaguan area in Qingdao]

Top 5                      City: Beijing                        Area: Shichahai Area
The Shichahai area has two sides: there is the new and trendy Shichahai boasting numerous up-market restaurants, bars and boutiques, making it a favorite nightlife choice for the city's young people and foreign expat population; and there is another old and peaceful Shichahai of still untouched lakeside hutongs, with benches mirrored in the waters at sunset and old men strolling leisurely with their bird cages. 
[Read more about Shichahai area in Beijing]




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