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Meixi Royal Stone Archway
2005-11-13 13:48:39
Sponsored by an overseas Chinese millionaire Chen Fang, it was built in the late 19th century with remarkable architectural values.

The Meixi Royal Stone Archways is located at Mei Xi Village in Qianshan town, Zhuhai City. It occupies 126,000 square meters. Its main sceneries are the first Chinese consulate in Hawaii at the end of Qing dynasty, the overseas Chinese millionaire Mr. Cheng Fang's hometown, Cheng family's history, Chinese stone archways exhibition, Zhuhai famous people's waxwork, art gallery and articles, and so on. It puts the famous people, folk-custom and cultural relic protection together. It is an ideal place for relaxation and very popular for sightseeing.

Now, there are three stone archways left, which were built in 1886 and 1891. They were built by Guangxu Emperor in honor of Cheng Fang and his families. The stone archways are built from granite. It combines the architectural art of the west and east and it has many wonderful engravings. Various patterns were carved in an exquisite design on the memorial archways filled with auspicious beasts, flowers, fruit and calligraphic works. In addition, four stone monuments of honor were erected to commemorate the royal praise. The archway is regarded as a major artistic treasure of Zhuhai. So highly regarded by the Zhuhai government is this building that it was pointed as the "special protection item of old architecture" by Guangdong provincial government in 1989.

The Meixi Royal Stone Archways area has a very beautiful garden scenery, and its service facilities are excellent. It is not far from the city, and making your way there and back easy. It is a good place for you to visit.


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