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Detian Waterfall
The largest waterfall in Asia, and the second largest transnational waterfall in the world.
Huashan Cliff Painting
A long time ago, a farmer accidentally found some small human figure designs on the steep cliffs by the Zuojiang River...
Nearby Attractions
Nanning is often the starting point of your trip to Guilin or seaport city Beihai.
Ancient Town of Yangmei
Yangmei is an ideal place to re-discover your inner peace, and to grasp the spirit of China's long history.
For centuries, Nanning played the role of an important military post guarding the Chinese empire's southwestern border. Its name, meaning "Peace in the South", is well justified. Nanning is also known as Yi, a nickname inherited during the Tang Dynasty because of the River Yi which passes through the city. Over the years, Nanning increasingly grew in importance, and during the Yuan Dynasty it replaced Guilin's position as the capital of the Guangxi province.
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Travel Tips
Nanning is located near the southern border, sloping from northeast to southwest, with hills lying around. As provincial capital and China's gateway to Vietnam, Nanning has comprehensive transportation networks. Plus Cantonese style food, the local Guangxi cuisine offers several great delicacies in Nanning.
Nanning situates in subtropical monsoon zone that brings sunshine and plenty of rainfall with little frost or snow. There's a wide range of accommodation and finding a room to stay overnight is never a problem. The local Zhuang brocade is renowned for its floridity and durability. Embroidered balls are another popular souvenir.
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