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Hello Birdie!
2005-09-09 14:36:16
A group of bird lovers will lead you to a wonderful bird watching tour around Beijing...


[1] The Temple of Heaven is surrounded by many acres of pine trees. This amiable micro-ecosystem makes the park and its surrounding area a paradise for many animal species, especially birds...

[2] The ecosystem of ponds throughout Beijing makes for an ideal home for birds. In Spring some migratory birds join the ponds for mating...


[3] Stray birds come to my window to sing and fly away...Bird lovers share a dream: to fly like the birds. But do the birds dream?...


[4] On an earlier Spring day, a group of bird observers, totaling 18, arrived at Yeyahu Lake (Wild Duck Lake) near the Guanting Reservoir, Yanqing County in Northwestern Beijing...

[5] It was a sunny day after a snowfall and we were in the Cherry Valley, a wood in the outskirts of Beijing, watching the birds...



(Click the thumbnails to start your virtual bird watching tour right away)

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