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Miyaluo, Sichuan Province
Located in the Lixian County, Aba Prefecture, Miyaluo may be the most famous place for leaves appreciation and autumn is the most beautiful season there.
Fragrance Hill, Beijing
The green woods of pine and cypress trees are interspersed with some red maple and goldenrain trees and compose a gorgeous landscape.
Xinganling Mountains and Changbaishan Mountain
Located at the northeast end of China, the Greater and Lessor Xinganling Mountains are known as the home of the larch.
The Kanas, in many people's mind, simply means the Kanas Lake, where above is the blue sky, dotted with elegant white cloud: below is a pool of green water, as limpid as a mirror: around are grand glaciers, pure white snow, lush forest, luxuriant pasture and gurgling streams, adding radiance and beauty to each other as if they were dissolved into one body. So one can not help feeling excited at such a marvelous sight. Mr Qian Wei-chang, a famous Chinese scholar once spoke highly of the Kanas by saying "Here is the only Swiss landscape in Asia".
Picking a Leaf at...
Jiuzhaigou Valley sits where the southern and northern vegetations meet. Various species of broadleaf trees and conifer grow together, adding radiance and beauty to each other. Mt. Lushan has a diversified vegetation, so when autumn comes, it is especially eye-catching. On the green background of the pine trees dot yellow, red, brown and orange leaves. The maple trees are even more attractive with fire-red leaves.
The best season to travel in Zhangjiajie is autumn, when the climate during this period is pleasant, and the mountains in their wildness are dyed a great variety of colors. The forest-covered Northeast never disappointed Autumn tourists. Screening the Songhua Lake are mountains thickly covered with broad-leaved trees that make Autumn a feast for visitors' eyes.
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