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Useful Information
2005-07-25 16:59:10

Travel Complaints

Travelers can ask travel agencies for compensation from a travel quality guarantee fund should problems occur.

Travel agencies must tell customers the reasons why they cannot travel at least three days before the scheduled departure as long as the travelers have paid a deposit. Otherwise, the travel agencies are subject to a fine and must refund 10 percent of the charge.

Travelers can cite direct economic losses if they miss their plane, ship or bus due to a travel agency’s mistake.
Travel agencies must provide a refund if travel guides change or reduce the scheduled travel activities without permission, and will be fined the same amount of money.

Travel agencies will have to meet the cost if travel guides add special meals, amusements or medical health insurance without permission. If a guide asks for a tip, travel agencies must compensate travelers twice the amount paid.

Once complaints from travelers, either in written or oral form, meet the Temporary Measures on Travel Complaints, travel quality-inspecting departments should handle the case immediately. They should inform travelers the results within a certain period. The complainants should receive a response in written form within 30 days. If not considered satisfactory, the travelers can appeal within 15 days after receiving the information.

China National Tourism Administration
Working Hours:        8.30-12.00am 2.30-5.00pm
Telephone Number: (010)65275315
Address:                   No.9 Jia Jianguomennei Street       (北京市建国门内大街甲9号)
                                    Beijing, China

What Else You Should Know

Language: In China, Mandarin is an official language of China. Most Chinese speak Mandarin to outsiders. So, if a foreign tourist wants to visit China but cannot speak Mandarin, they should expect to run into some inconveniences on their trip. Therefore, it is essential and useful for the foreign tourists to learn some simple Mandarin when they decide to visit China.
Guidebooks like Lonely Planet or the Rough Guide have a section in the back covering the most essential tourist Mandarin.

Clothing: casual clothes are acceptable everywhere, but revealing clothes should be avoided.

Banking Hours: Monday to Friday, 9.00am-5.00pm. Although many branches also conduct limited business on weekends.

Tipping: Tipping isn't required or usually expected in China, although it is becoming more frequent within international tourist hotels and restaurants. A decent tip for porters and hotel staff is 5-10 RMB.

Electricity: 220/240 V AC, 50Hz. Either flat or square, two-pin and three pin-plugs are used. You may want to bring a universal adapter with you as they are sometimes difficult to find in China.

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