London Marks 500 Days to the 2012 Olympic Games with Countdown Clock
London has now unveiled a countdown clock as a reminder of the 2012 Olympic Games.
Indoor Bike Race
Winter isn't stopping Beijingers from cycling!
2010 SportAccord Games and Wushu-China's National Sport!
The best martial artists in the world will take part, including those who practice China's national sport of wushu.
Venus Williams 'COMES TO WIN'
Tennis star talks about her new book, going back to school, and the US Open.
 Enthusiastic Chinese World Cup Fans Ready for Quarter Finals
This year's World Cup has led to unprecedented exposure in China.
 Beijing Football Fans Ready for 2010 World Cup Tonight!  
This year's 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa has finally arrived - and football fans worldwide are getting ready.
Professional Muay Thai to Entertain Beijingers
China's first professional Muay Thai event, Battlefield XI "Supremacy", is to be held at the China World Hotel in Beijing on November 11.
Kobe's New Identity
He reminds everyone of Michael Jordan. He sells more NBA jerseys than Yao Ming. Now he has a new title: philanthropist. He is Kobe Bryant of the Lakers.
Asia Inspired by 2008 Olympics
The recently concluded Beijing Olympics didn't only showcase the skills of the world's best athletes.
House of Switzerland Opens for the Olympics
The greatest sporting event in China's history will take place soon. Switzerland also is looking forward to this mega-event. It has established "the House of Switzerland 2008".
Li Ning: From Gymnastics Prince to Sports Business Giant
Li Ning, the final flying torchbearer in the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, is now wowing people with his successful sports clothing brand.
Right to Play: Inspiring Olympians to Become Humanitarians
To help world-class Olympians realize the positive impact they have on others, international humanitarian organization Right to Play inspires Olympians to donate to acts of kindness.
Global Boxers Are Preparing for the Olympics
Boxing athletes from all over the world are having last minute training sessions, hoping to bring home a medal.
Last Round of Olympic Tickets Sales Kicks Off
The final phase of Olympic ticket sales started at 9 a.m. on July 25, 2008. In this round, sports enthusiasts can buy tickets directly from the booths outside Olympic venues.
Overseas Chinese Support Olympics through Dragon Show
The date July 13, 2001 is one that is etched in Chinese history. It was the day when Beijing was selected to host the 29th Olympic Games.
Beijing Olympic Volunteers from the Other Hemisphere
The last batch of the overseas volunteers from Newcastle University just settled at Beijing Foreign Studies University and immediately began preparing for their voluntary work.
Cultural Exhibition Highlights Olympic Spirit in Shenyang
Since June 23, residents in Shenyang, the capital of northeast China's Shenyang Province...
Young People Advocate the Paralympic Spirit
A group of thirty young people, half of whom are disabled, started a life changing international program in Beijing.
Torch Donated to Siyuan Foundation for Quake Relief
Luo Xuejuan, the first Chinese bearer of the 2008 global Olympic torch relay, donated her torch to The Loving Torch Foundation on Saturday, June 7 in Beijing.
Olympic Dragon Flies above the Great Wall
A special art project titled "Olympic Dragon" will be on display at the Ju Yongguan section of the Great Wall in Beijing on July 13.
Beijing Welcomes You
To mark the 100-day countdown to the 2008 Olympic Games, a beautiful ballad called "Beijing Welcomes You" debuted in Beijing on April 17, 2008.
China Wins 1st Gold in Diving World Cup
The 16th Diving World Cup was opened Tuesday in the National Aquatics Center. Chinese diving pair Qin Kai and Wang Feng grabbed the first gold.
Amway Signs Ronaldinho as Product Spokesman
Amway has signed up int'l soccer star Ronaldinho as a spokesman for its Nutrilite brand of vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements, the company said in a news release.
BOCOG Strengthens Service for 2008 Olympic Games' Sponsors
The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games will provide better services to Beijing Olympic Games sponsors to help them improve their corporate images.
Water Cube Makes a Splash
The National Aquatic Center, known as the Water Cube, officially opened after four years of construction with the China Open Swimming Championships, which run from January 31 to February 5.
Football Club Celebrates Its Anniversary
Beijing Guoan Yueye Football Club, mainly training young players for professional teams celebrated its 11th Anniversary on January 27, 2008 in Beijing.
Beijing Olympics Ties Sino-Japan Internet Media
With the approach of the Beijing Olympics, more and more media groups in Japan are not only focusing their attention on the Games, but also establishing cooperation with the Chinese media.
MV of Olympic Volunteers' Song "I am a Superstar" Released in Beijing
The music video of "I Am a Superstar," the Olympic volunteers' song, was released in Beijing on January 20, 2008.
Olympic Hero Akhwari Shoots MV for Beijing Olympics
Tanzanian Olympic hero John Stephen Akhwari shot a music video with Chinese musician You Hongming in Beijing on the second day of 2008.
2007 Beijing Charity Gala Ball Raises Money for Disabled Athletes
A grand charity gala ball to benefit the Chinese disabled athletes' gymnastics delegation for the 2008 was held on Friday night, November 30, in Beijing.
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