•  A Decade of Online Evolution, How Far We've Come!
How has the internet evolution impacted our lives the last decade?
• Oh Pair China! More than a Nanny Boom?
As a nanny of sorts who is treated like family, the idea behind the 'au pair' is nothing new in the West.
•  Zou Qifang: Extra Workload Brings In More Opportunities
He has a BA degree from Tianjin Foreign Language Institute and a MBA degree from The Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania. Robert is currently the director of 2005 Committee of China's Western Returned Scholars' Association, and the director of Wharton SchoolĄ¯s Asian Executive Board.
•  Empowering Migrant Kids Through Theater and a Bit of Heart
Millions of Chinese from the countryside leave their families in search of work.
•  Working Together with Multicultural Differences
We have taken a look at the current job market and examined the way foreigners use networking in China.
•  All Roads Lead to China: Fitting into the Job Market
With the world largely dependent on the Chinese economy, some foreigners have leapt at the chance to pursue their dreams of the "Wild Wild East."
•  Beijing's Swissotel Holds 2010 Job Fair for Foreigners
Foreigners gathered Saturday, April 17 at the "2010 Job Fair for Foreigners in Beijing" hoping to change jobs or secure employment in China.
•  Official: Good Wind Needs a Helping Hand to Blow
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is a place with strong winds year-round.
•  Knitting in Beijing? Go Stitch n' Bitch
In the parlance of our times, they are called Stitch 'n Bitch.
• Graduates Are Encouraged to Start Their Own Businesses
Many governments and educators are offering help to promote entrepreneurship among these graduates and teach them about the realities of running a business.
• US Ambassador: Trust between China and the U.S. More Crucial Than Ever Before
U.S. Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, says that trust between China and the U.S. is more crucial than ever before.
•  Exclusive Interview with Dr. Philip Campbell
He is the Editor-in-Chief of Nature, the world prominent scientific journal.
• Financial Expo Helps Solve Financing Difficulty of SMEs
Small and medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs, will get help solving their financing difficulties from the SMEs special section at the Fifth Beijing International Financial Expo (BIFE).
• Nostalgic Moscow Restaurant to Be Renovated
As the first foreign restaurant in Beijing, the Moscow Restaurant not only brought over to Beijing Russian flavors, but also Russian architecture.
• Know the Company, and Know Yourself
The 2009 P&G Elites Competition has set the stage for elite Chinese students to show their business potentials and further their chances of gaining those elusive top jobs.
• Investors Regain Confidence at China Franchise Expo
The unstable stock and real estate markets amid finical crisis don't leave much space for medium and small investors. How to better manage their investment portfolio has become a headache for them.
• Mei Yan Named CEO of MTV China
MTV Networks International has appointed Mei Yan to the position of Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director, MTV Networks China.
• Chinese Consumers Are Invited To Try Australian Made
When you pick an item with a kangaroo in the triangle symbol on the package in a Chinese supermarket, that logo guarantees you will enjoy the same high quality product as consumers in Australia.
• Over 113 Million Netizens Access the Internet Via Mobile Phone in China
By the end of 2008, 113.7 million netizens were using mobile phones as wireless internet access terminals.
• A Wonderful Time of the Year: on Christmas Eve of 2008
We have compiled a collection of soothing pictures on Christmas Eve to help you relax and get into the spirit of Christmas. So sit back with a cup of warm cocoa, or whatever warms your bones, and enjoy!

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