Carving Beijing's Snowboarding Niche at Nanshan Village!
Mellow Parks has been hosting snowboarding competitions for a decade.
Jiuhua Mountain
Jiuhua Mountain is dotted with temples and misted with the smoke of burning joss sticks. It is a sacred place for Buddhist pilgrims. Noted for its beautiful scenery and favorable climate.
Duggy Day's Ski Trip to Wanlongbayi
On Sunday November 21st CRI's Duggy Day headed out to Wanlongbayi which is located west of Beijing.
Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers awarded "Greenest Hotel Award"
Crowne Plaza Copenhagen Towers was presented this year's Eco Tourism Award by the international tourist organization called Skal.
CRI's Expo Report Gains Norway Travel Invitation from Norwegian Tourism Bureau
Mr. Per Holte, Director of the Asian market from the Norwegian Tourism Bureau, says CRI was selected as one of the lucky ones for its broad, in-depth, and accurate coverage on Norwegian Tourism.
Cyprus, Home of Venus Offers More to Discover
Don't be surprised if your bill is paid without knowing by whom when you are traveling on this island, because local people are just showing their hospitality.
 Norway Pavilion, Powered by Nature
In a sweltering Shanghai, the Norwegian Pavilion is the green oasis of the Expo.
 Shanghai Holds Dragon Boat Festival with Races in Chang Feng Park
Today is officially the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday here in China.
A Visit to Gulangyu Island, the Garden in the Sea
Gulangyu Island in southeastern China's Fujian province is famous for its buildings, beautiful scenery and love for piano music.
Heshun in Peace and Harmony
Many people online say that the only bad thing about Heshun is it's too good to leave.
Date with Lijiang (1)
Splendid landscapes, the exotic ways of the Naxi ethnic group and the precious Dongba Culture make up the unique city of Lijiang.
Maotai, A Town of Liquor
On our way from the city of Renhuai to Maotai, we could smell the fragrance of wine becoming stronger as we drew nearer.
Having Fun in Taiwan with Alice Chen
A Taiwan sightseeing documentary hosted by Taiwan popular free-lancer Chen Nianxuan, also known as Alice Chen, will hit mainland screens this autumn.
Dali in Summer (2)
Butterfly Spring located about 30 km (18.5 miles) north of Dali, is a small, clear spring frequented visited by swarms of tourists and, of course, butterflies.
Dali in Summer (1)
Erhai Lake is the largest highland lake in Yunnan after Dianchi as well as one of the seven largest freshwater lakes in the country.
Cuandixia Village
Over 500 years old, Cuandixia has shown much to offer, as a rich source of Chinese history and a pleasant getaway for Beijing city-dwellers.
China Science and Technology Museum
As a national museum,China Science and Technology Museum serves as an important face of science and technology education in China, increasing scientific and cultural literacy of all citizens.
Visit to the SWFC in Shanghai
The most impressive building has to be the Shanghai World Finance Centre which boasts the highest viewing gallery in the world.
China Show-A Guildhall Attracts Peking Opera Fans
Located in the eastern suburban area of Beijing, it successfully combines Peking opera with a local flavor.
Mazu Culture and Xunpu Women
Xunpu village women's habit of wearing fresh flowers and ways of worship add scenic beauty and mystery to the city.
Grand View Garden
Today we'll visit the Grand View Garden, the location for the TV adaptation of Dream of the Red Chamber.
[Exclusive] Tourism Queensland's CEO Anthony Hayes
Ben Southall from the UK was chosen for the job as the Hamilton Island caretaker.
UK Man Lands 'World's Best Job'
A British man has been appointed the new caretaker of an Australian tropical island, a six-month position described as "the best job in the world."
Trip to Yaoli Town in Jiangxi
Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of life in the big city? Then follow us toYaoli town and experience the role chickens play in local people's lives, as seen through the eyes of a curious foreigner!
Baishan to Hold the 5th Mineral Spring Festival
The 5th China-Baishan International Mineral Spring Festival will be held from August 18 to September 8 in Baishan, Jilin Province.

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