• Tradition or Truth-Who Believes in the Chinese Zodiac?
In China, every animal year is filled with predictions of prosperity or warnings.
•  Protecting China's Environment at the Restaurant
The very least anyone can do is to make the switch, and stop using disposable chopsticks.
•  Kilts, Feast and Dancers Ready for St Andrew's Ball in Beijing
St Andrew's Day Ball holds something special for Beijing's Scottish expat community.
• Beijing's 2010 2nd Expat Services Expo to Kick Off
On October 30 and 31 this year, the Swissotel will hold the "2nd Expatriate Services Expo."
•  Goethe-Institut Beiijing-Teaching German to Eager Chinese
Both university students and employed adults are spending their evenings or weekends learning the language of 'Deutschland'.
• Dare You Take a Free Mercedes Ride
In spite of snubs and an overall misunderstanding from many, Wang Yong's daily free-ride service with his Mercedes still persists.
• Beijing International Children's Choir: Grow and Sing
Beautiful, joyful, young and silvery, their singing voices that harmoniously resonate inside the hall, they bring everyone at the scene great enjoyment.
• Superstitious Much? Weird Beliefs Around the World
Almost every culture has superstitions, but no one really knows where they come from.
• Beijing Exhibits the Earliest Yuanmingyuan Photos
The earliest photographs of the burnt-down Yuanmingyuan Garden is now on display in Beijing.
• Overseas Chinese Lured Home by The Economic Boom and Cultural Ties
Millions of overseas Chinese are flocking home in a marked reversal of the outgoing flow of the last thirty years.
• The Unstoppable Force of Wushu Master, He Jingde
There is perfection in every centimeter-calculated slice of He Jingde's sword; each swish exemplifies twenty-five years of rigorous martial arts training in China's national sport.
•  Little Artists-Camp at Beijing Color Studio
That's just what a small group of kids at Beijing Color Studio are doing over the next few weeks.
•  "Mamma Mia!" Chinese Production in the Works
The global smash-hit musical "Mamma Mia!" will be produced in Chinese.
• Enjoy Low-carbon Reading on World Book Day
•  Beijing Etonkids International Kindergarten Celebrates Earth Day
For eco-conscious citizens all over the world, April 22 marks a day of environmental awareness and action.
•  Dance Drama Skyfield Heaven Brings Heaven Nearer Beijing
On May 3, the arrival of  dancing drama, "Skyfield Heaven", will bring the mystery and wonder of Qinghai to China's capital.
• Underground Music Uncovered
Distortions, dissonance, having no obvious melody - these do not sound like the facets of commercial and mainstream music. But despite being unconventional, experimental noise and free-improv music have a growing number of passionate and talented artistes here in China.
•  Sow the Low-Carbon Seed in the Hearts of Children
The concept of a low-carbon life should influence not only adults, but should also be encouraged among small children.
•  Cool yet 'Green' Apparel that Reflects A New Beijing
In Beijing, cool events and trendy recycled clothing accessories are just another way that organizations in Beijing are adding a new approach.
• "Eco=Chic"-Cool Events to"Green the Beige"
"Greening the Beige" was founded by an American from Anne Arbor Michigan with a zeal for art.
•  Non Profits Help China Combat Domestic Violence
Many non-profit organizations have helped amend legislation to protect women from domestic violence.
• 2010 Lantern Festival Lights Up China
Here in China, Sunday's Year of the Tiger "Lantern Festival" was not just the last day in February.In China, it is a time for family, riddles, and "Yuanxiao."
•  Getting Ready for the Real Deal- Spring Festival in China!
It's hard to explain to new expats or tourists in China exactly what Chinese New Year entails if they haven't seen it with their own eyes.
• Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Comes to China
Combining fun activities in the snow or sun with mountain scenery can be a fantastic way to get exercise and spend leisure time.
•  Mr. Gay China Finalists: Chinese Society Opening Up to Change
The Mr. Gay China pageant will feature eight finalists at the main event with one winner voted most suitable to represent China's gay community.
• Ready or Not, Mr. Gay China is Coming out?
First Mr. Gay China pageant to be held in Beijing's LAN Club in Guo Mao area.
• Wang Jin: A Photographer of the Horqin Grasslands
Wang's lens has captured galloping horses running on the Horqin grasslands, Mongolian wrestlers competing in an ethnic festival, and boys and girls performing Andai dances to pray to the gods and cure illnesses.
• Paws for Thought
Pet ownership is a relatively recent trend in China, and while its popularity is increasing - the knowledge required to be a responsible pet owner isn't keeping pace.
• Darwin Now Tours Beijing
2009 marks the bicentenary of the birth of Charles Darwin.
• Imperial City Impression: The Exhibition of Old Peking Images in Western Prints Opens
The exhibition started on Thursday at the Beijing World Art Museum.
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