• Lance at High Speed Railway Construction Site
CRI Reporter Lance Crayon brings you the latest news from Guangzhou-Zhuhai high speed railway construction site.
• Soaking Up Culturally Differnet Campus Life in Beijing
These days, more international students are showing up on the doorsteps of China's universities.
•  Chinese Professionals Eager to Learn French at Alliance Francaise Beijing
A growing number of Chinese students are choosing to learn French.
• Mending Sichuan's Cultural Pieces after the Quake
The Wenchuan Earthquake has not only devastated cities and shattered countless lives but also destroyed precious relics representing centuries of cultural heritage .
• Beichuan Old City
Photo collection of the old Beichuan City, Sichuan Province, that was destroyed during the Wenchuan Earthquake May 12, 2008.
•  New Term Begins at Beichuan High School
It was only two years ago on May 12 that an earthquake devastated the area.
• Nothing But Blue Skies? Or Just Smog?
Unlike the countryside, the big city of Beijing has cars, noise, lots of people and of course, pollution.
• Black Cats or Four Leaf Clovers? Superstitions That Are Still Around
Some superstitions get passed on throughout the centuries.
•  Enjoy a Water-ball Summer in Green Dream Park
If you are tired of swimming pools and long journeys to the seaside, you can try a special activity--water-ball.
• Speaking and Teaching 101: Crash Course English Camps
In China, where competition in schools is fierce, English camps offer crash-course language immersion with up to 6 to 10 hours a day of English class.
•  Beijing Film-makers Step Up! 48 Hour Film Project this July 30!
Anyone who has ever tried their hand at producing a film knows just how tough the process can be.
•  'Hua Dan'-Helping Migrant Workers through Theatre 
China's rapid economic expansion has created a multitude of employment opportunities in the big city for rural laborers.
•  Bit by 'bite,' Hunger for Organic Grows in Beijing
More and more people have turned to organic food as a simple way of taking charge of their own health.
•  Spanish Fashion Design Comes to Beijing
After successful modeling careers in Europe Jose Acosta and Carlos Estevez moved to Beijing to set up their own bespoke tailoring service and clothing label.
•  Understanding Business in China through Networking and "Guanxi"
Networking events in Beijing and other major cities in China constitute a crucial part of doing business, finding jobs or making social contacts.
•  A Quirky New Approach to Running: Beijing Hash House Harriers
The Beijing Hash House Harriers club embraces a world where runners who also appreciate drinking beer can explore China's capital.
• Love is in the Beijing Air?
How does Beijing bring these polar opposite cultures together?
• Heart for Life Project
The Heart for Life Project held a press conference on March 18th, 2010 in Beijing.
•  Liu Xiaojuan--Helping China's New Generation Combat Domestic Violence
Helping China's New Generation Combat Domestic Violence
• Bus Celebrates Lantern Day with Riddles for Riders
Now people in Beijing can guess the riddles on a public bus.
• Hua Xinmin, A Conservationist Who Fights to Preserve Beijing's Hutong
Her mission has been a continual fight to preserve what is left of Beijing's ancient architecture.
• Apple Industry in Luochuan Strives for the Top
The hope of China's apple industry lies in Shaanxi, and the hope of Shaanxi's apple industry lies in Luochuan County.
• The Opening Ceremony of the World Design "Olympics" Unveiled in Beijing


• Pakistan's Navy to Cooperate with Chinese Counterpart in the Fight against Terrorism
The security challenges faced by Pakistan's Navy today are terrorism, piracy and other illegal activities at sea.
• China in the 21st Century
China continues to grow not only as an economic power but also as a cultural exchange or meeting point for the ideas of the leaders of tomorrow
• Press Interview with Chairman of Senate of Pakistan
What's the stance of Pakistan on the riot in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region? How does Pakistan deal with the global threat of terrorism? CRI's reporter has an interview with Mr. Farooq H. Naek, Senate Chairman of Pakistan.
• New Energy Solution on the Horizon
How to redress the loss of energy is a headache for those who want to improve the efficiency of power generators. This situation might be changing.
• What Do Chinese People Usually Drink in Hot Summer?
It is the hottest season of the year. So when the temperature is way up, the sweat is pouring down, and the air conditioning is run all day, what do people here in China reach for to quench their thirsts and keep healthy?
• Frozen Mammoths Tour to China
An 18,000-year-old frozen woolly mammoth will tour to China and go on display in Beijing Museum of Natural History on Tuesday, April 28.
• China Urged to Do More to Better Maternal and Infant Health
China is stepping up efforts to improve its maternal and infant health conditions.
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