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2017-11-07 NEWS Plus Special English
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This is Special English. I'm Ryan Price in Beijing. Here is the news.
Chinese President Xi Jinping has encouraged a herding family in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region to set down roots in the border area, safeguard the Chinese territory and develop their hometown.
President Xi made the remarks in a reply delivered to the Tibetan herders, after they wrote to him introducing their township.
He acknowledged the family's efforts to safeguard the territory, and thanked them for the loyalty and contributions they have made in the border area.
The president wrote that without the peace in the territory, there will be no peaceful lives for the millions of families.
He hoped that the family will motivate more herders to become guardians of the Chinese territory and constructors of a happy hometown.
This is Special English.
China will provide Afghanistan with 4,000 tons of rice as emergency food aid to the war torn country.
The Chinese embassy in Afghanistan said China will hand over the first batch of 500 tons of rice, and the rest will arrive in Kabul before March next year.
A Chinese official said that as winter draws near, some Afghan people, particularly in rural areas, are faced with difficulties. He said the food aid will help the people in need to receive assistance before winter.
The official said that as a friendly and close neighbor to Afghanistan, China hopes to work with the Afghan government in helping the Afghan people get through the food crisis.
An Afghan official said the food will be transported to five of the most vulnerable provinces in the mountainous country.
You're listening to Special English. I'm Ryan Price in Beijing.
A new freight train route from China to Europe has been launched in Urumqi, the capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
The first train, carrying oil drilling equipment, traveled from Urumqi to Ukraine via Kazakhstan and Russia. This is the first cargo train linking western China's Xinjiang with Ukraine.
The new route will cut the transportation time from more than two months by sea to just 15 days.
An energy engineering company in China sent the equipment for a drilling project in the Ukraine.
A Chinese official said the new route will serve as an important channel for Chinese enterprises in the region to expand their presence in overseas markets.
With trade volume increasing between China and European countries in recent years, Urumqi has started to offer customized services to cut transportation costs and time.
A total of 700 China-Europe freight trains are expected to depart from Xinjiang by the end of this year.
This is Special English.
"Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited" has held an event to mark the end of its floor trading and the shift to an era of electronic trading.
A gathering was held at the trading hall for floor traders who used to work there. The red-carpeted space once accommodated more than 1,000 floor traders in its heyday. They usually wore iconic numbered red vests.
Ms. Wong worked here soon after the opening of the floor. Wong said she was happy to receive investors every day, but fewer and fewer was showing up as electronic trading boomed.
The remaining floor traders have left the floor. Work will begin to redevelop the Trading Hall and Exchange Exhibition Hall into an iconic showcase for Hong Kong's financial markets.
The Trading Hall was opened in 1986. Electronic trading was introduced in 1993 and off-floor trading began in 1996. Online trading became available in 2000.
As more chose to trade at their own offices due to the advancement of technology, floor trading declined substantially.
The Trading Hall will be renamed as Hong Kong Connect Hall after they are renovated. It will become a space for listing ceremonies, conferences and exhibitions. The place will reopen early next year.
You're listening to Special English. I'm Ryan Price in Beijing.
China's major industrial firms posted faster profit growth in the first three quarters of the year.
Industrial companies with annual revenue of more than 20 million yuan, roughly 3 million U.S. dollars, reported profits of almost 6 trillion yuan in the first nine months, up 23 percent from a year earlier.
The growth was faster than the 22 percent in January-August, and the 21 percent in January-July.
In September alone, profits of major industrial firms rose 28 percent year on year, much faster than the 24 percent growth in August and 17 percent in July.
Among the 41 industries surveyed, 39 posted year-on-year profit growth in the first three quarters.
Companies in power, liquor, and electronics saw rapid growth, together contributing 4 percentage points to the uptick in growth in September compared with the previous month.
China has been shifting away from a growth model that depended on heavy investment and led to the rapid build-up of debt, especially on the balance sheets of industrial state-owned firms.
This is Special English.
Over one third of U.S. citizens are "not proud" of the way democracy works in their country, marking a record high in the past few decades.
According to a recent poll, U.S. citizens were unsatisfied overall regarding the country's politics, identifying money in politics as the "root of all evils".
The poll was released by the Washington Post and the University of Maryland.
When asked "how proud are you of the way democracy works in America?", 36 percent of the respondents said they were not proud. Those who identify themselves as Democrats are more disappointed than those as Republicans or independents.
The data were in a stark contrast with those gathered since 1996, when the percentage of those who claimed they were not proud never topped 20 percent in the four similar polls during that time.
When asked to draw a comparison between the societal divisiveness now and during the Vietnam War, 70 percent said the division now is "at least as big as during the Vietnam War", while 27 percent said the division during the war was greater.
Over 70 percent of those polled also believed that the country's politics have "reached a dangerously low point", among them roughly half believe that this period is temporary while the other half say the low point is here to stay.
Money was pointed as the top two reasons behind the troubled signs in U.S. politics, according to the research, as 96 percent believe "money in politics" should be blamed for political dysfunction, the same for 94 percent with "wealthy political donors".
You're listening to Special English. I'm Ryan Price in Beijing. You can access the program on our Apple Podcast. Now the news continues.
An academic medical center at the University of California, Los Angeles, has launched the first "mobile stroke unit" on the West Coast of the United States to bring the hospital to the patient, potentially leading to higher survival rates and better outcomes for patients.
With the Health Mobile Stroke Unit, the university said it is bringing the hospital to the patient instead of the patient to the hospital, in order to save as much brain as possible.
According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, someone in the United States suffers a stroke every 40 seconds. Someone dies of a stroke every 4 minutes. Strokes kill about 140,000 Americans each year, which is 1 out of every 20 deaths.
When treating stroke victims, every second counts. But in large cities, dense traffic can make it difficult to get a patient to the emergency room in a timely manner, and in rural areas, specialized care can be miles away.
Doctors say rapid response is critical, because the sooner a stroke is treated, the better the patient's outcome. In a typical stroke, every minute that goes by without treatment, 2 million brain cells die.
So the university is testing "mobile stroke unit" to help medical personnel start treatment in the field, allowing doctors to make a diagnosis, administer medication and even conduct CT scans before arriving at the hospital.
The high-tech vehicle is a unique type of ambulance equipped with a mobile CT scanner, which allows doctors to diagnose and treat strokes in the field with appropriate medications. Within the unit are a mobile blood-testing laboratory, as well as a neurologist, critical care nurse, and paramedic.
In the initial phase of the pilot program, a neurologist specializing in stroke treatment will be riding in the unit. As the program develops, a neurologist will oversee care more efficiently via a live video and voice connection from the Ronald Reagan Medical Center of the university.
This is Special English.
Annual deaths from measles worldwide have dropped below 100,000 to 90,000 for the first time last year.
United Nations and other international agencies reported that they have seen substantial drop in measles deaths for more than two decades, but now they must strive to reach zero measles cases.
The study marks the first time that global measles deaths have fallen below 100,000 per year.
A UN official said measles elimination will only be reached if measles vaccines reach every child and everywhere.
Since 2000, more than 5 billion doses of measles-containing vaccines have been provided to children through routine immunization services and mass vaccination campaigns, saving an estimated 20 million lives.
However, the world is still far from reaching regional measles elimination goals.
According to the joint statement, people being treated with the first of two vaccines required have stalled at approximately 85 percent since 2009, far short of the 95 percent coverage needed to stop the infections.
Since measles is a highly contagious viral disease, large outbreaks continue to occur in many countries in Europe and North America, putting children at risk of severe health complications, including pneumonia, diarrhea, blindness and death. 
You are listening to Special English. I'm Ryan Price in Beijing.
Researchers in the United States say it is possible to improve conductivity and safety in lithium-ion batteries, which are widely used to power electronic devices including cell phones and artificial hearts.
The study is conducted by researchers from the Virginia Commonwealth University.
Researchers say that instability in lithium-ion batteries is one hazard scientists can prevent. Despite this instability, liquid-state electrolytes are commonplace in lithium-ion batteries due to their conductive superiority.
However, the new study has shown that it is possible to design solid-state electrolytes not only to be as conductive as their liquid counterparts but also very stable.
To improve the conductivity in solid-state electrolytes, the researchers produced a computational model in which a single negative ion is removed. Negative cluster ions, groups of atoms with more electrons than protons, replace the absent ion.
This is Special English.
A grand shopping center owned by a local Chinese business man has been launched in Chile's capital Santiago.
The 40,000 square-meter Asia Pacific Shopping Center is located in downtown Santiago.
The more than 40 million U.S.-dollar investments offers one of the region's most modern shopping complexes, and caters to the capital residents and Chinese businesses.
The shopping mall is one of the biggest investments by Chinese merchants in Chile. A Chinese official said it marks the rapid progress in various fields of Sino-Chilean bilateral relations.
The center's owner, the Chinese businessman, said he hoped the shopping complex will also set a good example for other Chinese businessmen in Chile, encouraging them to achieve more success.
This is the end of this edition of Special English. To freshen up your memory, I'm going to read one of the news items again at normal speed. Please listen carefully.
This is the end of today's program. I'm Ryan Price in Beijing, and I hope you can join us every day, to learn English and learn about the world.



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