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2017-10-10 NEWS Plus Special English
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This is Special English. I'm Ryan Price in Beijing. Here is the news.
The State Council, China's Cabinet, says it will step up efforts to expand employment.
It said in a statement that China should encourage entrepreneurship and innovation to create jobs, and help key groups such as college graduates find employment opportunities.
Facing economic downward pressure in recent years, China has made employment a top priority and taken more proactive employment policies, which helped to add more than 13 million urban jobs every year.
The document said demand for jobs is still high and there remain many structural problems, which call for increased effort to improve employment.
Entrepreneurship and innovation should be encouraged to create jobs, with measures to be rolled out to support migrant workers to start their own businesses back home.
Pro-employment policies should be made to help key groups such as college graduates and laid-off workers from overcapacity cuts.
Vocational education should be improved to meet the demand of the job market, while labor and social security policies should keep up with new employment trends. Supervision of the labor market should be strengthened to protect the legitimate right of job seekers and migrant workers.
This is Special English.
U.S. Federal Reserves has kept its interest rate unchanged, but announced that it would start unwinding its 4.5-trillion-U.S.-dollar balance sheet from October, a further step to end the loose monetary policy.
The Fed said in a statement that information received since the Federal Open Market Committee met in July indicates that the labor market has continued to strengthen and that economic activity has been rising moderately so far this year.
The central bank expected the Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maris to affect U.S. economy in the near term, but would not alter the course of the economy in the medium term.
Fed officials continue to expect the U.S. economy to expand at a moderate pace in the future.
According to the Fed's economic projections which were released a couple weeks ago, Fed officials expected the U.S. economy to grow 2.4 percent this year, higher than their forecast of 2.2 percent in June.
The projections showed that Fed officials continued to expect one more rate hike this year. The central bank raised interest rates twice this year, in March and June respectively.
The Fed might raise interest rate again in December. Analysts widely believed that inflation developments will determine the timing of next rate hike.
You're listening to Special English. I'm Ryan Price in Beijing.
The world should make sure small businesses and developing countries benefit from globalization and offer young people opportunities to be involved in global issues. That's according to Jack Ma, founder and chairman of China's online retail giant Alibaba.
Ma said at the Bloomberg Global Business Forum held in New York City recently that the world used to focus on supporting 20 percent of the big companies and that the situation has to change.
Ma said in his remarks that he is a believer of the saying that small is beautiful and small is powerful.
He urged the world to start focusing on the rest 80 percent of the businesses that have not had much support in the past. He added developing countries also deserve more attention in the global efforts of creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and healthy environment.
Ma said the world not only needs G20, B20, it also needs G200 and B200.
In his speech, Ma placed special emphasis on reforming education for young people in order to prepare them for the era of data technology. On the young generation, Ma said they do not want to get informed, they want to be involved.
He said technology has destroyed many jobs but at the same time brought a lot of opportunities; and countries around the world should teach the kids to be innovative and creative, so that young people will seize the opportunities.
This is Special English.
The Chinese capital Beijing has unveiled a plan to introduce homes with property rights to be shared by the government and buyers.
According to a document issued by the city's housing authorities, individual buyers will be able to buy a share in such homes and still have the full right of use.
The policy has several restrictions. Buyers and their family cannot already own homes in their name. They should not have any records of home transfers. Single people making purchases must be at least 30 years old. And a family can only apply for one home. The buyers enjoy equal rights in household registration and children's schooling as other home owners.
A real estate researcher at Tsinghua University said the new model lowers the threshold for house ownership, makes things more affordable for families and can cut government expenditure.
New housing policies have also been piloted in other major cities to stabilize the property market in accordance with the instruction by central authorities that "houses are built to be lived in, not for speculation".
You're listening to Special English. I'm Ryan Price in Beijing.
The Chinese naval hospital ship Peace Ark has arrived at the shores of Sierra Leone, with a mission to deliver free medical services to 2,000 people within eight days.
At the ceremony held in the conference room of the ship which arrived at Freetown, the Task Group Commander said their mission to offer free medical service to Sierra Leone is geared towards enhancing the cooperation between the two countries.
Peace Ark was commissioned in 2008 and has traversed 31 countries, providing free medical services. This is the first time the ship has visited West Africa.
The naval commander recounted the contributions of China to the development of Sierra Leone and the cooperation between the two countries since the establishment of diplomatic relationship in 1971. He reiterated the medical assistance China provided to Sierra Leone during the Ebola crisis in 2014.
Sierra Leone's Vice President welcomed the team. He said China has made its presence in Sierra Leone in terms of development and they are grateful for all the contributions China has made to his country.
This is Special English.
The Confucius Institute at the state-run University of Panama plans to inaugurate new headquarters in the country's capital to boost cultural exchange between China and the Central American country.
New facilities are being readied at the university, including two classrooms for basic and advanced students of Mandarin, a library, an audiovisual department, and offices.
David Wu is general director of the Confucius Institute in the university. He has been working on the project for 11 years, with the support of the university and the Chinese embassy. Reflecting the new spirit of partnership between Panama and China, each government is financing 50 percent of the project.
China's presence in Panama can be traced back to at least 150 years ago, but the two countries cemented their bilateral relationship by formally establishing diplomatic ties in June.
Wu said the Confucius Institute is a center for teaching Mandarin to people around the world; and this space will provide a venue for young people in Panama as well as officials from different institutions, or people from NGOs, who want to learn the language.
When completed at the end of the year, Panama's Confucius Institute will join a network of 500 such language centers around the world.
You're listening to Special English. I'm Ryan Price in Beijing. You can access the program on our Apple Podcast. Now the news continues.
George R. R. Martin, author of the hit book series and TV phenomenon Game of Thrones, said he was "flattered" at the suggestion that five new metro railway stations in Melbourne Australia could be named after places in his series.
The Game of Thrones has been a hit series around the world, both in book form and on the TV, and its popularity has caused many to suggest place names from the series should adorn Melbourne's new railway stations.
The Victorian state government in Australia revealed that the stations will be named through a public vote, and after getting a sniff that his creations were front-runners to be selected, Martin reacted to the news in a blog post, declaring he was "flattered".
He said while some place names suited metro stations better than others, he threw his support behind "Station McStationface" after the "Boaty McBoatface" episode which occurred in England earlier this year.
Martin wrote that "Melbourne, as it happens, is adding five new stops to its Metro, and in a fit of jolly Aussie optimism they have asked the public to suggest names for the new stations. And it would seem that names from my books are among the leading contenders".
This is Special English.
A new large-scale public-art mural by well-known contemporary artist Yoko Ono has been unveiled at a popular market in downtown Washington D.C.
Big black letters spreading along the powder white exterior wall of the Union Market. It reads "Relax. Your heart is stronger than what you think!"
Ono's new conceptual artwork is simple and impressive. She said on her inspiration that she hopes people's hearts will be stronger and stronger forever.
Al Burnett, a security guard in his 50s, said he likes it, and people's hearts tell stories about themselves. He added that sometimes the mind gets limited, but the heart will be open.
The mural was presented by the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden partnering with the Union Market. This is a new initiative to exhibit international contemporary art beyond the museum walls and connect artists and curators with the U.S. capital's communities.
Ono was born in Tokyo Japan in 1933, and is the second wife and widow of singer-songwriter John Lennon of the Beatles. She has been a forerunner of international conceptual art since the 1950s.
The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, located in central Washington D.C. as part of the Smithsonian, is a national museum of modern and contemporary art in the United States.
You're listening to Special English. I'm Ryan Price in Beijing.
A new species of ancient trapdoor spiders has been discovered by scientists from Thailand.
A group of university students and teachers found a species of trapdoor spiders originating over 300 million years ago. They named it "trapdoor spider of Mae Wong", as this species are found just in the Mae Wong national park.
This kind of spider builds their web on steep cliffs in areas at an altitude of more than 1,000 meters. They dig holes deep about 10 to 20 centimeters, spinning their silk and set traps to catch their food.
Biologists said there are less than 200 such spiders in the world, which only exist in Thailand's Mae Wong nation park.
It's the 97th species of trapdoor spiders discovered in the world, and the 33rd to have been discovered in Thailand.
This rare group has been living in cavities that are hardly reached by other animals, which preserves them for millions of years.
Researchers will propose to related agencies to preserve forests in the national park in central Thailand.
This is Special English.
The Shanghai International Arts Festival will kick off on Oct 20 at Shanghai Grand Theater, with a commissioned work, The Beginning-Choral Symphony, performed by the Shanghai Philharmonic Orchestra and Shanghai Opera House.
The symphonic cantata was inspired by the story of the founding of the Communist Party of China in 1921.
A total of 45 theatrical productions from China and abroad will be presented during the festival, ranging from music and dance to traditional Chinese operas.
The festival will also introduce shows, workshops and forums in public spaces to get audiences closer to the performing arts.
This is the end of this edition of Special English. To freshen up your memory, I'm going to read one of the news items again at normal speed. Please listen carefully.
This is the end of today's program. I'm Ryan Price in Beijing, and I hope you will join us every day, to learn English and learn about the world.


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