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Kygo's Defining and Debut Album, Cloud Nine
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Anchor: Hello and welcome to Music+, a weekly show where we explore music and more. I'm Wang Ling. This time we will spend time listening to Cloud Nine, which is the debut studio album by Norwegian pianist and producer Kygo. This 15-track work is an effort capping off a meteoric rise that saw the 25-year-old become the fastest artist ever to reach one billion Spotify streams. It also demonstrates how the DJ-producer is a musician of manifold styles and not just a poster child of the tropical house.

Kygo makes his intentions known from the album intro. Ambient melodic elements usher in a meandering piano trickle that progresses from major to minor scales, seemingly to tell an ultimately somber story.

Kygo first came to prominence with his viral remix of Ed Sheeran's 2013 hit "I See Fire", which has received over 50 million plays on SoundCloud and 65 million views on YouTube. What makes him stand out from other DJs is his signature sound: an infectious brand of slowed-down electronica called tropical house that's primed for beach parties and summer festivals.

The upbeat tempo of Kygo's tropical house is incarnated in his remix of the track, "Firestone". Originally intended to be an R&B number by the Australian crooner, Conrad Sewell, Kygo's remix popularized the genre of tropical house and gained international recognition.
Released in 2014, the single charted in over 14 countries and peaked at number one on the Norwegian Singles Chart. It was then confirmed to be the lead single from the album of Cloud Nine. On this track, vocalist Conrad Sewell uses his emotive and vulnerable vocals to give an edge to the defining deep house track.

We just heard Firestone, the first single off Norwegian DJ-producer Kygo's debut album, Cloud Nine.
The second single released from Cloud Nine is Stole The Show, a track that brings tropical house into its true form. The distinctive vocals from upcoming artist Parson James helps the track standout from the of the album. This single peaked at number one on Norwegian, French, and Swedish charts and reached the top 10 in more than 20 countries.

That was Stole The Show, a chart-topper from Kygo's debut release Cloud Nine, featuring vocals of Parson James.
Forgoing the big sounds and heavy lines, Kygo has crated relaxed, melodic pop-hook house that is for the lounge instead of the club. As the album's title suggests the listening experience is a relaxing, joyful ride that will have you feeling like you're floating on "cloud nine". There's never an array of many different electronic melodies flying at once. There aren't any loud drums or earth-shaking bass on this album.

Kygo said in his interview with Billboard that although he doesn't mind the term tropical house, he doesn't want to be beholden to it. He wants his music to be strong enough to reach beyond that.
Raging is among the efforts that Kygo has made to push tropical house to mainstream audiences. Featuring Irish alternative rock band Kodaline, the track opens up with impressive fretwork from the guitarists before an ethereal piano interlude joins it with understated synth melodies.

That was Raging from the Norwegian DJ-producer, Kygo's debut album, Cloud Nine. The album has a wide array of guest vocalists and the DJ is really good at pairing his piano driven electronic tracks with voices that catch people by surprise.
On "Happy Birthday" that features vocals of John Legend, Kygo uses his electronic keyboards as an amped-up piano for the arrangements that tend to be aggressively sunny.

The song we just heard is "Happy Birthday" from Kygo's first album, Cloud Nine. The Norwegian musician's experimentation and creativity in his debut is notable. It gracefully pays respect to the influences at its foundation, meanwhile, it refuses to adhere to the restrictive boundaries of genres, incorporating instrumentals and styles that are likable and relatable to all ages.
"Serious" is one such track that widens Kygo's stylistic range even further, as a scat singing break contributed by Matt Corby introduces jazz-reminiscent elements that you might not expect to hear in the album of an artist whose name frequents major EDM festival lineups.

What we are hearing is "Serious" from Kygo's debut album, Cloud Nine. The 15-track project offers listeners a joy ride of many different musical emotions, and it has proven the DJ's exceptional capabilities in turning sweet symphonies of sounds into feels with minimalist production. To do this, it demands not only talents and creativity but also a philosophy of calm and tranquil musicianship. To wrap up the show, here is the album's another hit, Carry Me. Featuring American singer Julia Michaels, the song was performed in the 2016 Summer Olympics closing ceremony in the Maracan? Stadium.
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This is Wang Ling saying goodbye from Beijing; hope you can join me again same time next week.


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