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Craig David Returns with Following My Intuition
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Anchor: Hello and welcome to another edition of Music+, where we explore music and much much more. I'm Wang Ling. On today's show, we take a closer look at the album, "Following My Intuition", the sixth studio album by English singer/songwriter Craig David. Reaching number one on the UK Albums Chart, it is David's first number-one album since his debut, Born to Do It reached the top spot in 2000.

The album's opener, "Ain't Giving Up, is a club banger that Craig created with help from British producer Sigala. Here, David sings about unfaltering love over infectious dance beats. "Feeling empty, feeling used/ It's like we're running off fumes/A little broken, confused/ But one thing I know for sure/ Ain't giving up on you".
The neat production features a tropical vibe, while Sigala's powerhouse production giving way to a piano house breakdown before moving into slick arena-filling EDM.

What we just heard is "Ain't Giving Up", from Craig David's sixth studio album, "Following My Intuition".
Since 1997, the recording career of David has been full of highs and lows. Back then, he debuted as an uncredited guest vocalist on an obscure UK garage record. With an appeasing tone and knack for intricately phrasing soulfully poppy melodies, the Southampton native broke out in a big way around the world in 2000 with his first LP, "Born to Do It".
The album garnered both critical acclaim and commercial success and eventually sold over eight million copies worldwide, making it one of the biggest selling albums by a UK R&B artist. "Born To Do It" debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart becoming the fastest-selling debut studio album ever by a British male solo act, and was eventually certified platinum six times over. The album spawned four singles including the UK number ones "Fill Me In" and "7 Days". Further singles "Walking Away" and "Rendezvous" also had a favourable reception.

Things stalled somewhat after that despite the fact that David's follow-up, "Slicker Than Your Average", sold well and featured a collaboration with Sting, it couldn't maintain the early momentum. Three more underwhelming albums followed between 2005 and 2010. Craig drifted away from the spotlight and used the time in the intervening years to move to the US and focus on his career as a DJ.
That time away from the spotlight has helped reignite David's public appeal ad well as his own creative streak. He made a big return in 2015 when he released his single "When the Bassline Drops" featuring the rapper Big Narstie.

That was "When the Bassline Drops", the second track off Craig David's latest album, "Following My Intuition". Adding a bit of grit with a slightly more minimalistic vibe; this single was the initial spark for David's solo return when it reached the top 10 on the British singles chart.
In an earlier interview, David said he went back to "16-year old-kid mode" for the album's concept and production. He was hungry, passionate and making music that he is truly proud of. He says he wants to deliver music that people have been asking for, follow his intuition and make sure his music comes from a great place.
"Louder Than Words" is an anthemic track off the album that finds David seamlessly combining his rhyme-styled vocal nuances with a traditional melodic treatment.

That was "Louder Than Words" fresh off the English singer/songwriter Craig David's new album, "Following My Intuition". The 14-track collection spans contemporary R&B, pop, and dance sounds. As a co-writer on all of the tracks and working with over 20 collaborators, David has managed to keep his signature sound intact. At the same time, he has been tasked with creating a sound both reminiscent of his early hits and relevant to modern times.
With the help of today's dance royalty including Sigala and Blonde, Craig David's chilled out vibe is injected with a contemporary energy to spawn distinctive club tracks, such as "Nothing Like This" and "One More Time".

That was "One More Time" from Craig David's sixth studio album, "Following My Intuition". The album debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart with sales of 24,500, making it David's second number one album.
To the 35-year-old, the chart position, sale figures and numbers are not what concerns him. As he said in an interview-- It's about the art, it's about the passion, and it's about making the audience and himself feel good.His comeback project is a testament to David's aspiration-- it ticks all the boxes, appealing to many different music lovers.

With "Following My Intuition", Craig David proves he is "Born To Do It" and he can surly do it better than most when he follows his intuition.
To wrap up the show, here is "All We Needed", an affecting ballad from the album which stands out as one of the set's most vulnerable and meaningful moments. To revisit our show, log on to our website, Newsplusradio.cn. You can also check the latest releases and tour information on our weibo page; weibo.com/crimusicplus.
This is Wang Ling saying goodbye from Beijing; hope you can join me again same time next week.



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