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Unfinished Business, Nathan Sykes' One-Man Debut
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Anchor: Hello and welcome to another edition of Music+, where we explore music and more. I'm Wang Ling. Nathan Sykes, a former member of The Wanted, has gone full speed ahead with his soloist career after the UK-based boy band called it quit two years ago. With newfound freedom to explore his musical talents, Nathan has now released his debut solo album, Unfinished Business, through which he shows off his vocal chops and maturing musical aptitude.

The opening track, Good Things Come To Those Who Wait, is an anthemic start that showcases Nathan's strong and soulful voice backed by a gospel-feel choir. Paired fantastically with a catchy chorus and brass instruments, the song grabs the listeners' attention right away and makes you want to tap your foot along to this rhythmic tune!

The song we just heard is Good Things Come To Those Who Wait from Nathan Sykes's debut studio album Unfinished Business.
The 23-year-old was the youngest member of the UK boy-band The Wanted. The group found success in the UK when their album reached the number four spot and produced three U.K Top 20 singles. Their first single Glad You Came peaked at number three on the Billboard Charts. As a part of the band, Nathan captivated fans with his vocal range and his sweet demeanor.
After the band split up in 2014, Nathan started working on his solo career. His first single "More Than You'll Ever Know", a R&B-Jazzy number that earned him solid reviews with music fans, is also included in his debut release, Unfinished Business.

The song we just heard is More Than You'll Ever Know off Nathan Sykes's first album as soloist, Unfinished Business.
As Nathan explained his intention of writing this album, he said "I did genuinely feel like I had unfinished business; I had more to give". Regarding moving from being a part of a band to a soloist, he said "there is always the chance to surprise people as they are only now seeing 100% of me for the first time. It's like a second, first impression and whereas I don't necessarily think it's important to change people's perceptions. I do think it's exciting that people won't just see me as 'the young one in The Wanted' and can have the freedom to judge me as an individual and not just 'that bloke from that band' ."
On this project, Nathan worked with big-name producers like Babyface and Harmony Samuels. It'll come as no surprise then, judging by those names, that Unfinished Business is in no way a one-man Wanted. Plus, the album also features guest appearances from the breakout American rapper G-Eazy; and Nathan's ex-girlfriend, American singer and songwriter Ariana Grande.
Give It Up is a groovy, club-ready number that will have you dancing wherever you are. Featuring G-Eazy, the song was released as Sykes' third single which received a positive reaction from fans.

"Over and Over Again" is a song conceived by Nathan as a real range of emotion on the album. He admitted in an interview that he was really inclined to tell someone how he felt about themĄ­ and he just wrote it all down. It ended up becoming a love song about the positivity.
Released as the second single of the album, Over and Over Again peaked in the top 10 on the UK chart and number one on the US dance chart! Unfinished Business has the original single version, plus the incredible version featuring Ariana Grande as a brilliant bonus.

The song we just heard is Over and Over Again from Nathan Sykes's debut album, Unfinished Business which features American singer/songwriter Ariana Grande. The album as described by Sykes is a "pop album", mixing different styles like R&B/Soul, Funk, Motown, Dance.
With the album's overall retro tone, "Famous" is a ballad with a Motown mood. Lyrically, Nathan said it's about someone in his life who stopped talking to him after his band broke up. He sings 'But will you call me when I'm famous? When I'm famous, would you call my name?' which depicts a scene the singer experienced when someone who spoke to him when he was in the band, suddenly cut him off when their hiatus began.

The song we just heard is Famous off Nathan Sykes' newest release, Unfinished Business. It is obvious that Sykes with this album hopes to cement his position as a vocalist and to prove his worth beyond the sheen of his boyband past. And there are many such self-challenging attempts in the project and strength demonstration moments. As Lewis Corner said in his review of the album, "It's remarkable that a vocalist with such a rich soulful tone was hidden so well amongst The Wanted's synth-laden bangers. There's a power to his delivery that many probably wouldn't expect from the baby-faced crooner. It clearly forms the basis of the largely soul-driven sound that has been built up around it."
"I Can't Be Mad" is one such powerful song which was written by Sykes during a dark time in his life when The Wanted were splitting up and his relationship was also falling apart. Heartbreaking lyrics with a haunting piano melody, you can hear the pain in his voice when he takes it to those big chorus notes.

With the song I Can't Be Mad, we come to the end of this edition of Music+. To revisit our show, log on to our website, Newsplusradio.cn. You can also check the latest releases and tour information on our weibo page; weibo.com/crimusicplus. You can also email us at crimusicplus@qq.com.
Your suggestions and questions are always welcome.
This is Wang Ling saying goodbye from Beijing; hope you can join me again same time next week.


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