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Robots Competing and Meeting in Beijing
   2015-11-24 11:42:59    CRIENGLISH.com      Web Editor: Chi Huiguang

[photo: newsplusradio.cn]

Robotic football game [photo: newsplusradio.cn]

Many believe that robots will be the next revolution in technology just like PCs, cell phones or tablets. The robots will eventually be part of our daily life, and one day, we wouldn't be able to imagine our life without one.

Even at present, robots have already become so accessible that children are able to build them for international competitions. Let's follow our reporter Chi Huiguang to take a closer look at the Robot games during the World Robot Conference 2015 in Beijing.


Donald E. Bossi, president of FIRST starts the game [Photo: newsplusradio.cn]

The world Robot games are the most eye-catching parts of this year's World Robot Conference 2015. Teams of primary and secondary school students from around the globe gather together to design, build up and program robots to challenge different setting tasks. 

Ball collecting robots for the game [photo: newsplusradio.cn]

Mark is the captain of the team from the Southport School in Australia. They participate in the program of collecting small balls in different sizes from Ping-Pong balls, golf to tennis balls.

"We were slowly improving. This morning wasn't great, But we are getting better and better as we go along."

The experience is quite unique for all the young robot players, as they are not only learning to solve real world technical problems using classroom knowledge, but also practice their skills in communication, teamwork, as well as creative thinking.

"Really good. We love meeting Chinese teams and all the international teams. They really enjoy competing and they are really friendly."

Ball collecting robot team from Canada [photo: newsplusradio.cn]

The robot games are organized by Simia, China's exclusive source of official LEGO Education Centers from Denmark. Eugene Zhang, the president of Simia China introduces the contest:

"We have 3 categories, the World Robot Olympiad, FIRST Robot Competition and FIRST Tech Challenge. Altogether we have over 16 countries and over 150 teams here this time. We are very happy that all the teams could travel great distances to come to Beijing in the winter time."

CRI Reporter Chi Huiguang with Donald E. Bossi (right) and Eugene Zhang [photo: newsplusradio.cn]

FIRST is a non-profit organization with its whole title: For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. They did a 10 year study on the kids who participated in the competition: Does it affect their grades? The results showed that 90 percent of the kids do better in school, even though they spend a lot much time on robots.

"It's because children have a meaning for why they study now. They usually study math, but they don't know how to use it. They study physics, they don't know how to use it. They study computer, don't know how to use it. But now they have a robot, they have to use all these together. In a way, the children have a meaningful study, so they are so interested in learning more. They do better in school than they didn't compete."

Donald E. Bossi, president of FIRST agrees:

"Sometimes studying for tests is not the most fun, and this sort makes learning fun. There's a lot of learning going on, but at the same time, they really enjoy themselves. So we always say if you put the inspiration first, the education comes along with it, which I think a lot of teams here are enjoying."

Donald introduces, the robotic studies and games have been well accepted in China for a long time. But in the US and other countries, the history is even longer. They have more sophisticated challenges.

Carlos Duran is a team coach from Mexico City, who is very excited about both the heavy snow in Beijing and the robot games.

"They are all junior high school students. We don't have snow back there. It's all new for them, it's the first time they see snow to start with. And it's been such a good experience. They are happy. For us China is a country so far away, and now we are here, we feel so close. All the teams are very competitive. It's very good to have teams from different countries. They're all getting well related. The goal for this competition is friendship first, competition second. We are all happy to share with all the other teams. This is a game, but this is a serious game."

A robot is making a papaer plane [photo: newsplusradio.cn]

Besides the robot competition, the event also comprises a main forum and 12 sub-forums with speakers from China, Germany, the United States and Japan reporting on robot research and technology development. An exhibit is held as well, featuring the latest products, and showcasing the research findings.

[photo: newsplusradio.cn]

The number of industrial robots sold in China reached 57 thousand last year, which marked an increase of 55 percent on a year-on-year basis and one-quarter of global sales.

Sales-robot [photo: newsplusradio.cn]

The Chinese government is drafting a plan to boost the country's robot research, development and application in manufacturing fields, and to improve the country's capacity to produce high-end robots independently.

[photo: newsplusradio.cn]

[photo: newsplusradio.cn]

For Studio+, I am Chi Huiguang. 


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