2013-09-02 U.S-Russia Relations
    2013-08-30 17:50:02     CRIENGLISH.com         Web Editor: Qian Shanming

In spite of the attempted so-called "reset" in US-Russia relations since the beginning of the Obama administration, relations between the two countries have witnessed many twists and turns.

Obama will be in Russia for this year's G20 leaders' summit, but he cancelled a planned bilateral meeting with President Putin after Russia granted Edward Snowden asylum. Obama claimed that the actions of Snowden were a threat to US security.

The US and Russia achieved a breakthrough in nuclear arms control in 2010 with the New Strategic Arms Control Treaty, where both sides agreed to cut down their warheads by 30%. However, since then, no further tangible progress has been made.

The Russian and US governments are in strong disagreement about the situation in Syria, with Russia supporting government forces and the US supporting the rebels.

The expansion of NATO has also caused friction between Russia and the US. More countries in Eastern Europe are joining the military alliance, meaning that NATO borders reach closer and closer to Russia.

So what do experts say about the state of US-Russia relations? What issues are most pressing for both sides to resolve?

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We talk to Professor Gao Fei of China Foreign Affairs University and Dr. Cory Welt , Associate Director of the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, at George Washington University.