More Countries Oppose Military Intervention in Syria
    2013-08-30 12:09:39         Web Editor: Luo Dan


Western powers have been debating whether to press ahead with military intervention in Syria in response to a chemical weapons attack carried out in a Damascus' suburb last week.

Many more countries say they are against taking military action in Syria, as a UN investigation team is still collecting evidence.

United Nations chemical weapons experts are still carrying out their investigations into last week Wednesday's chemical weapons attack.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is asking for more time.

"It's true that I have spoken with (US) President (Barack) Obama yesterday. We discussed how the UN and the world can work together particularly with the United States, how we can expedite the process of investigation. I have also expressed my sincere wish that this investigation team should be allowed to continue their work as mandated by the member states."

Ban Ki-Moon also says the weapons inspection teams will remain in Syria until Saturday.

Meantime, UN Security Council members discussed the Syrian crisis behind closed doors on Thursday.

However, no agreement was reached on possible military intervention.

For his part Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said his country will defend itself against foreign aggression, stressing determination to "eliminate terrorism" in the war-weary country.

Washington is seeking coordinated military strikes on Syria with its allies, in response to last week's gas attack in Damascus.

The British Parliament has just voted against possible military strikes in Syria with a majority of 13 votes.

In another vote, UK Parliament voted against any intervention should evidence of chemical weapons be confirmed by US investigators.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said they would wait until UN investigators reported their findings.

"If you agree to the motion I have set down, no action can be taken until we have heard from the UN weapons inspectors, until there has been further action at the United Nations and another vote in this house, those are the conditions that we the British government, the British parliament are setting and I think it is absolutely right that we do so."

Opinion polls in Britain, Germany, and Holland are leaning towards not taking military action at this point.

Iraq, Pakistan, South Africa and Jordan are also opposed to military intervention.

Here in China, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi is calling on all sides to keep calm and restrained over the Syrian issue.

He also says no one should interfere with, or prejudge, the investigation into alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria.

For CRI, I'm Cao Yuwei.


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