2013-08-02 Urbanization: Good and Bad Models
    2013-08-01 17:27:31     CRIENGLISH.com         Web Editor: Qian Shanming

As the third instalment in our three-part series on urbanisation, today we are examining prominent examples of urbanisation within the world that China can learn from. We find both positive and negative example of urbanisation ĘC successful models of urbanisation and development that China can emulate, and mistakes that China can learn to avoid.

Urbanisation runs the risk of segregating rich and poor communities on the basis of their wealth; these effects can be mitigated by effective policy, but they can also be exacerbated by ineffective access to social services and mobility.

London, has grown almost constantly since it was the centre of the industrial revolution in the 1800s. Detroit, can serve as a cautionary tale on the importance of industry to sustain a city.

Examples from within China include the build up of Hong Kong, as well as the Pearl River Delta in South China, the first area of the Chinese mainland to urbanise on a large scale.

So what examples does the world offer to guide China through its process of urbanisation? What examples can China learn to avoid?

Ni Hao, you're listening to   People In the Know, bringing you insights into the headline news in China and around the world, I'm Zheng Chenguang in Beijing.

We speak to Professor Simon Zhao, Director of the International Centre of China Development Studies, based in Hong Kong, and Professor Tunney Lee, Professor of Urban Planning at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US.



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