Hardest Job Hunting Season for College Graduates
    2013-05-08 21:00:35     CRIENGLISH.com         Web Editor: Wang Wei

March and April are considered the best season for job hunting in China. However, the peak season this year is said to be the hardest time for college graduates. According to the Ministry of Education, 6.99 million students are graduating from universities in 2013, 190,000 more than last year. What the record high number of college graduate brings is certainly the fierce competition in the job market.

Zhang Wan takes a closer look.


26 year old Guan Na who majors in Chinese literature is going to graduate with her master's degree this summer. She says she has been looking for job over the past six months, but so far, she still doesn't get a proper one.

"Since November last year, I have attended 10 to 20 interviews by potential employers."

Guan Na says she cannot remember clearly how many job fairs she has attended so far and how many resumes she has sent out. Now she's attending more such fair in Beijing.

"What I care the most when considering a position is whether the employer can offer me a Beijing hukou (household registration). Second, I'll see if the position matches my major, as well as salary for sure."

Guan says she wishes to get a Beijing hukou through her employment in the city. Meanwhile, she also has higher expectations for a salary due to h master's degree.

However, from her so-far fruitless job hunting experience, she knows she is still far away from her expectations. It's not easy to get employed at a public school. That's why she decided to apply for a position as teacher at a private school.

Lin Jing, the employer of the private school says there is also fierce competition for the position at their private school.

"We'll see whether the candidates' career plan matches our position. Today I've got more than 100 resumes from candidates."

Hearing this, Guan says she would not pin much hope on this vacancy. Guan's job hunting experience is common nowadays.

Media reports, by the end of April, only less than one third students graduating from universities in Beijing found employment.

Li Yun, a potential employer in Beijing says they have seen a sharp increase in the number of resumes from college graduates.

"More than 70 percent of the resumes we get are from college graduate students, the popular vacancies include clerical positions, technical support and maintenance."

Compared to these positions, there are more job vacancies in manufacturing and the service industry nowadays, such as salespersons, technicians, and shop assistants.

However, Duan Dong, vice president of a job hunting website says few college students apply for these vacancies.

"Currently, there are 45,000 customer service vacancies to be filled. However, these employers complain that few college students apply for these vacancies."

In addition, Duan says recent slack economy is another reason for difficulty in job hunting. (upsound) The number of job vacancies has been obviously decreasing, for example, vacancies at municipal enterprises and organizations dropped by about 10 percent in 2013.

For CRI, I am Zhang Wan.



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