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Yang Liwei, China's First Man in Space
Yang Liwei(born June 21, 1965) is an astronaut (yuhangyuan) and the People's Republic of China's first man in space.
1st Chinese Female Astronaut
Liu Yang, China's First Female Astronaut
An eloquent speaker and a lover of cooking, Liu Yang is well-poised to be the first Chinese woman in space.
How Astronauts Live in Space
Astronauts have compressed high-calorie food for emergencies, and water is packed in bags with straws. The straws can be locked to stop water from flowing in the zero-gravity space.The astronauts' living room is a 15-square-meter lab. [More]
CRI Viewpoint
The Far-reaching Nature of China's Space Program
Following the successful launch of the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft this past weekend; China's space program takes one step further towards its lofty goals in an effort to carve out a unique path within the world of space exploration and science.
Shenzhou-9: Up, Up and Away
The mission is a historic first not only because it will mark the first manned docking mission carried out by Chinese astronauts, it will also be the first mission in which a member of the crew is female. Meanwhile, the mission also fulfils the strategic and security requirements of the country's space plan.
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Significance of Shenzhou 9
  • China's first manned docking practice. 
  • China's first time that astronauts will enter the Tiangong space laboratory.
  • The first time China has included female astronauts in the space missions.
  • The first time that the astronauts will spend 10 days in space.
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